Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Nails and 30 Day Challenge days 23-26!

Hey, everyone! I'm so sorry for that unannounced blogging hiatus there @~@! Last Thursday, I caught a cold and pretty much slept through Friday and Saturday. I did go out with friends on Sunday, but because I'm still camera-less I couldn't really document it for a post ;A;.The truth is, lately I haven't really been up to anything whatsoever (other than schoolwork and avoiding said schoolwork), which makes for a seriously boring blog xD. I feel pretty bad leaving you guys hanging for so long, and I wish I had some sort of knock-your-socks-off post, but all I've got are my October nails, and a few days of the 30 day lolita challenge for you!

These were my nails for AWA! I left them out of that post on accident, but I still want to show you ;u;. I did them really hurriedly to match Fantastic Dolly, since that's what I was wearing on Saturday ;u;.

I actually planned on only wearing this design for that Saturday, and doing different nails for sunday but I was way too exhausted after I had arrived home to even think about spending an hour on my nails xD

And these are my October/Halloween nails! I probably did these around the 16th or 17th instead of the 4th or 5th like I had planned, mostly because of school work and not having time to sit and relax an paint nails ;A;.

So you can see the "bats" and "pumpkins" right side up

I do like them a lot though, even though some of the "bats" are more like blobs, and I don't know if I should even call those orange blobs pumpkins xD. I did it without any special art brushes or pens though, and so far people have been able to tell that they're not just color blobs, so I guess that's good! They're pretty messy and rushed  though xD. I had no patience to tape for the stripes this time haha.

Now for that 30-day challenge~  I'm going to do quite a few days since I've been gone so long! It's weird how close I am to finishing it!

Day 23 - A picture of your handwriting

hahaha my handwriting is a mess xD I've always been jealous of people with perfect tiny neat handwriting, but think this sort of suits me, however messy it may be! I remember in 5th or 6th grade practicing really hard to change my handwriting so it looked more like this instead of however it used to be, so I've no real complaints :P

Day 24 - A picture of you from a meet

I feel so sad because I haven't been to a meet in a while! This was the most recent one I went to where I was actually in lolita, and it was back in June I think. I miss going to them so much though, I hope I can make some of them this month or next.

Day 25 - Your favorite lolita themed artwork

It's so hard to choose! I really love the Lolita themed art my friend Ayu does, you should all check it out!
I think this one might be my favorite that she's done ;u; Click on the picture for a link to her DA!

I also really enjoy Crazy Spork I Am''s art! Even though this isn't a finished picture, It's my favorite thing I've seen form her, probably because I'm such a Dream Sky fan! Click on the picture for a link to her tumblr! (Not sure if thats where she mainly posts art, but she does post it there!)

Day 26 - Your Facebook profile picture

Oops~! This one's not a lolita picture at all! I'm sure you guys don't mind too much though ;u;

I think thats still from my birthday haha! I should change it soon~
I don't mind anyone adding me on my facebook by the way, so if you'd like to don't hesitate ;u;! A note that you were directed from my blog would be nice though~

Thanks so much for looking! I'll be sure to not let another week or longer pass between now and my next post. Thanks for sticking with me ;u;!

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