Monday, August 13, 2012

School days☆cool days! Art too~

Hello everyone~! I'm definitely going to try and keep a weekly post instead of every thee days, sorry about that ;u;! since school started last Monday, It's been really hard to readjust and get used to it all! I'm still in summer mode ahahaha~ Anyways, the Sunday before school started, the wonderful Jesse  came up to hang out one more time before heading off to college ;v;~ it was a totally fun day and though I'm still bad about taking pictures of ~everything~ I did take quite a few ;v;!

My outfit for the day! I think everything is thrifted or handmade, but the tights are from Sweetiecakes

I actually wore makeup too ;v;!
We met up and went to eat pho, and afterwards headed over to Super H-mart to pick up some snack and do some light shopping ~ v~! A bunch of people came, since it was a meetup, but by the time we left H-mart we were all split up into little groups hahaha! I ended up hanging out with Jesse of course, My friends Katie and Raven, and Caylee! I'm really glad I got to spend a good bit of time with Caylee again, though somehow I only have her shoe shot!
clockwise from me (black reeboks), it goes Katie, Raven, Caylee, and then Jesse ;v;!
They have this sweet reflective surface that I've been trying to take decent pictures in forever! I think this one turned out alright u v u~ Katie, me and Jesse ;v;!

And a picture with Jesse ;v;!! I'll miss him so much since hes moving waaaaaaay further away u A u! But it was great to hang out and have so much fun before summer ended!

The first week of school ended up being pretty stressful! It took 4 whole days for them to sort out my schedule so that I would have the classes I signed up for u A u!! But everything is worked out now, and I'm ready to enjoy a super lazy senior year! To distress from all that school junk, I decided I should try and draw something~

click through for the full size on DA!

This one I started today in school hehehe! I have a really sweet and lazy schedule and lots of time to work on whatever I want, thankfully! But I'm not sure how I'll color it yet ;v;! 

Mostly I need to work on keeping my lines a little smoother though, but It's nice that I'm finally in the mood to practice it!

Hehe so that's all I've been up to lately~ 

Thanks for stoppin' by☆!


  1. Your art is really cute~ : D I love it!

    1. Thank you! I'm suddenly so inspired to work on it a lot~

  2. Your art is so adorable! I hope you and Jesse keep in touch over the school year! (:

    1. Thanks! I'm so sure we will u v u! We'll probably end up sending each other lots of things back and forth ehehe