Monday, November 21, 2011

☆ 30 Day Fairy Kei Challenge START!☆


Kind of silly to start another one so soon, don't you think? Oh well, I've already missed having it around just for the sake of easy posting xD.  I have a lot of projects I should be working on and finals are comming up pretty soon, so I probably won't have much to actually update on for a little while (Unless you're interested in my science fair project, but lets face it, I'm not even interested in that). Like when I started the 30 day lolita challenege, I figure it will help me to post something or another even during really busy times ;u;. I won't be doing the ones that are similar to prompts I've done for the 30 day lolita challenge though~! I'm pretty excited about this one though, a lot of the days seem like a lot of fun :D! 

Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

Day two: Why and how you got into Fairy-Kei.

Day three: A picture or video of your bedroom.

Day four: 5 of your style-icons.

Day five: 5 of your favourite places to buy your clothes.

Day six: Your luckiest thrift-store find.

Day seven: 5 songs that remind you of Fairy-Kei.

Day eight: How do your family and friends feel about the style?

Day nine: Your most treasured piece of clothing.

Day ten: How do you react to positive comments or people curious about your style on the streets?

Day eleven: How do you react to the negative ones?

Day twelve: The craziest coord youve ever worn.

Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

Day fourteen: Do you have any hobbies that you could consider Fairy-Kei?

Day fiveteen: Something you or a friend made themselves
Day sixteen: How did you dress before Fairy-Kei?

Day seventeen: Do you dress in also another style, e.g. Lolita.

Day eighteen: How do you dress when you go to school?

Day nineteen: 5 of your favourite toys.

Day twenty: What do you see in Fairy-Kei in general in the next 5 years?

Day twenty-one: 5 of your favourite cartoons.

Day twenty-two: The most expensive thing youve ever bought.

Day twenty-three: 10 of your favourite foods.

Day twenty-four: Your favourite motif.

Day twenty-five: How do people in school/work react to how youre dressed?

Day twenty-six: If you could put any phrase on a conversation-heart sweet, what would it be?

Day twenty-seven: Your dream job?

Day twenty-eight: 5 of your favourite places.

Day twenty-nine: Your favourite colour-combo.

Day thirty!: Do you see yourself wearing Fairy Kei in 5 years time?

So lets begin with day 1!

Day one: 5 things you like and 5 things you dislike about Fairy-Kei.

Here are five of my favorite things about fairy kei~

1. The freedom of the style! There's just SO much you can do with it. Theres no way to really define what
fairy kei is, aside from some elements of the style that are commonly used (colors, characters, fabrics). That means its different for everyone and you can really be free and express yourself throguh this style! Thats the best aprt abou tit in my opinion ;u;!

2. The colors! I can't tell you how it brightens my day to see a bunch of pastels in my closet ;u;. Also, it really saves time doing laundry xD!

3. The stereotype. I know it seems a bit odd, but in my mind the typical fairy kei girl is all about breaking free from society and drowining in cutesy creativity. An adorable anarchy girl!  I personally really like that sort of image xD

4. The community ~ It's really quite relaxed! There's really little to no hate around it and that's extremely refreshing coming from lolita, where there can be a lot of negative energy.

5.  Last but not least, The handmade aspect! A lot of popular fairy kei accessories and even clothes are easy for anyone to make! Even some the Spank! brand things have that handmade cuteness~. It's really very cool to me how common crafting and sewing is within fairy kei. Even with thrifting or going second-hand shopping it's just great how you can find items that characterize your own one of a kind style~.

And 5 dislikes!

1. The names for the style. I'm more or less indifferent about it at this point, but a lot of discussion and no real solution always comes about with the three different names fairy kei, spank! kei, and popkei. I personally consider spank! kei a thing (though many others don't, and that's okay too!), but I group all of these sects of the style under the name "Fairy Kei". I just dislike how complex it appears to be.

2. The community. Confusing, huh? There are a few aspects of the community that I wish were different, and mostly it's that we're not as close knit as we could be! I know of a few fairy kei girls and guys, local and not so, and I really really wish that we could get closer. Maybe having an active local lolita community has spoiled me, but I think we should totally have fairy kei meetup or something too~!

3. It's still pretty unknown in the west ;A;. On a few occasions people have asked if I was in lolita while in fairy kei, and while I love how known lolita is becoming, I wish fairy kei would reach that level too! There's some great stuff going on to remedy that though! Check out Sweet Streets, for example, who just recently had a Spank & Chubby Bunny pop up shop in LA! 

I really can't think of any other things to dislike! xD I suppose that's a good thing though ~ ;u;  I'll try to maybe finish this one in less than six months, but who knows how long it'll take me?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh I also like that Fairy Kei really encouraged me to make more selfmade jewellery and to decorate clothes with more lace, rhinstones etc.

    In my country I have the same 'problem' that there is no real community, but it has a positive side because without a community there is no drama ^^''' But I agree, in Lolita you can go to Lolita meet-ups, but I don't know where I can wear Fairy Kei ecxept at conventions or with friends who all wear only Lolita xD

  2. I definitely appreciate the nonexistent drama! I always think its fun to have people to share your favorite things with ;v;. You can always wear fairy kei casually by yourself if you want to!