Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Complete! Days 27-30!

Hey everyone ;u;! Sorry again for the wait. Life's been pretty intense lately with finals coming up and all ;A;  I'll try to not let another week pass between now and the next post! Anyways, today I'll be finishing up the 30 Day lolita challenge. It's so strange to be finishing up this challenge, finally! I started it in May, six months ago! Definitely not completed in 30 days but I'm so so so glad that I've finally gotten there. Anyways, lets go ahead and finish it all up!

Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.

It doesn't fit literately with either the lyrics or the visual, but I feel like the sound of it in a roundabout way sort of gets at what the style I like ~ elegant and sweet ;u; Plus I really like this double single perfume put out earlier this month xD.

Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.

At first it was hard to think of a perfect lolita place, but then it hit me! Somewhere just as magical and wonderful as the style itself - Disneyland! Unfortunately, Disney is pretty well known for refusing people too elaborately dressed entrance to their parks, mostly because of the possibility for people to mistake them as employees and somehow disgrace the park ;^;. I'm sure I've seen pictures of loltias at Tokyo Disney, though, so it might just be a U.S thing. I'm not entirely sure ;A;.

Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real.

Julie Doll! I can't explain how much I admire her and adore all of her outfits ;v;. She seems like so much fun too ;v;. I'd love to meet her and hang out some day ;v;~!

Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30

Me today~! Not in lolita (or really dressed up at all ) you'll surely notice haha xD
Moving on to the three good things that have happened~

The first good thing thats happened has been my family getting our first dog, Bear! I love him too much to type out hahaha xD Sadly I don't have any pictures of him handy right now ;A;.

The second good thing has to be that everything is still going well for me! It's certainly wonderful that nothing horrible has happened in the last six months ;u;.

The last good thing that's happened over the last six months is that I've sort of fallen out of love with lolita. It's probably weird that I'm counting that as a good thing, but to me it's sort of like moving on and figuring myself out just a little bit more.
I still really do enjoy looking at the style and occasionally wearing it but something about it doesn't give me the same feeling it used to. It's maybe just that my tastes have moved on to more fairy-kei style things. I won't say that I'm "leaving lolita" or not ever going to wear it again, because I surely will. Probably only for big events or the occasional meetup though. It's just that it's not as big a thing as it was for me six months ago, and I'm happy that I'm finally okay with that!

Thanks for looking~!


  1. Omg I'd love to meet miss Julie Doll too; she's stunning and crazy creative! ♥

    /GASP You've fallen out of love with lolita?! sdfiertwer it's not possible! O: Haha just playin'~ xP
    I'm glad everything has been going well for you lately ;u; We really need to hang out again, and I really wanna meet Bear's cutie-self!! ^^

    P.S. You're awfully cute even when casual (of course!) ★

  2. Isn't she just great? *u*?

    I have haha! I still like AP's more fairy kei stuff a lotttt though ;v;~~ I still want to twin dream sky with you someday! <3! We seriously do need to hang out again soon ;A; I miss youuuuu!

    Thank you hun ;u; <333

  3. ;u;! Zomg! I totally feel the same way about Lolita. I've been starting to fall out of love with it too, or at the very least I'm falling out of love with sweet Lolita, I'm starting to go more casual/classic. I have been in denial about it...But I guess it is time for me to accept it. >o<; It makes me a little bit sad, since sweet lolita used to make me so uber happy! But I just don't feel quite as thrilled as I used too. T-T;

  4. Julie Doll always have the most creative coordinates along with Oli. I love both of their style so much and they both seem like they'd be so much fun to meet! :)

  5. @HannahxLove ~ I feel exactly the same way! I'm starting to like some more subdued sorts of sweet lolita, but not enough to spend tons of money on it quite yet xD. Maybe I'll fall back in love with it, who knows? I was in denial about it for a while haha, feels good to finally say so hahaha xD. <3

    @Audrey ~ I knowww! I love both of their coords *u* I would probably be too happy to form coherent sentences if I was able to meet both of them ;A;!