Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cute stationary and fabric! Janetstore review~

Hi guys, I come with a review today!

In case you guys didn't know, I really love stationary. Though cute mechanical pencils are my true weakness, adorable letter sets and stickers definitely have a place in my heart *u*! Unfortunately, locally those things are usually $10 and upwards, which in my opinion is way too much (LOL I'm very frugal). When I found out about Janetstore from this blog post, I pretty much spazzed out and disected the site. It's full of cute stationary and other small goodies for SO cheap! There is a spending limit of at least $10 (plus $7 flat rate shipping), and I was determined to spend as little as possible. I was able to get four items for just above that limit ($17.54).

Package ~!

Everything was wrapped inside of this adorable bag *u*!

My items! Rilakkuma stickers, Little Twin Stars fabric, Rilakkuma Meets Honey letter set, and Little Twin Stars wrapping paper ;u;

A close up at the fabric ~ isn't it cute? I've already made two puffy bows from it ;v;!

I requested an invoice be sent to my email instead of paying right away so I did have to wait for quite a few hours before completing my order, and when I did pay the status of the order did not change from billing. Nearly two weeks later, I decided to send an email asking why the status was still billing though I had payed, and Janet cleared it up right away ;u;. She shipped the order the same night that I requested an explanation and everything went smoothly!

Just to get the timeline right, I ordered on June 15th, was dumb and didn't notice that the order hadn't shipped for a good two weeks, emailed Janet on June 28th, and received the package 9 days later on July 7th.

Overall, I would say Janet store gets a 4/5 with me, mostly because of the long timeline this time around. I definitely plan on ordering more cute things from her in the future!

Thank you for looking ~!


  1. Omiiigooosh! Thanks for sharing that link! ;3; ♥
    Everything is so cute there! (And I'm a major sucker for anything with Rilakkuma on it! x3)

  2. Yeah! same here x)! there are so many cheap and cute rilakkuma things~! *v*

  3. Thanks or this wonderful review! your order was SO cute :D:D

  4. Aaw first thanks for linking to my blog ^^
    Everything you bought is so cute <3 I always fell in love with the fabric but I am not capable of doing anything with it so... xD
    I made another purchase today ^^ It took me some time to take care of the bank transfer and some of my favorite items sold out :/ and by that I mean adorable letter sets from my favorite characters T.T Bad luck uh ?
    Anyway, I placed my order anyway and I can't wait for it to come in the mail :3
    Can I ask what type of shipping did you choose ? Because all of my last orders came in exactly one week.
    One more thing, if you are planning on using that adorable letter set, I would be very glad in exchanging letters with you ^^

  5. Of course ;u;!
    They don't give you a lot of it to do anything with haha! I could only think of making bows xD
    hopefully the letter set will come back in stock! I don't remember the name of which shipping I chose, but it was the cheap $7 one xD
    I'm always okay with another penpal! Please email me at sailor_Scout_girl@hotmail.com so we can exchange info ;u;!

  6. You can get a bunch more cute stationery (with $4 shipping) at kawaiiya~ I just ordered A bunch from there and it was awesome (>u< )!~

  7. Thank you for the tip :D! I'll definitely check them out ;u; ☆!

  8. I bought the exact same Rilakkuma stationary for my friend's birthday! :3