Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update ~ MLP T-shirt And even more outfits!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently as usual xD! Summer is so relaxing and nice, I've pretty much just been staying at home and doing nothing ;v;! Of course, that makes for a boring blog xD. I have managed to go out a few times though, so I thought I would share the outfits with you all! ;v;!

tops are offbrand
tutu is bodyline
tights & socks are offbrand
shoes are SS
Accessories are taobao, mintymix, and handmade
bag is handmade

I had a good friend stay over with me last weekend ;v;. Though for the most part we just lazed around my room and watched anime, we did go to the thrift store which gave us a chance to play dress up!

~cutsew and salopette are handmade
~tights are offbrand
~socks are bodyline
~shoes are SS
~accessories are mostly handmade, some offbrand, and prettypop designs,
~bag is handmade

She really wanted to wear my big straw-hat-turned-bonnet, so I figured I would match the OTT ness of that by putting...a LOT of things on my head xD. We had fun walking around the thrift store piling more things on ;v;.

Both of us (faces blocked because omg derppp).
~friends rundown ~
cutsew, bonnet ~ handmade
skirt ~ bodyline
socks ~ offbrand
accessories ~ taobao, handmade, bodyline, offbrand

I got a few nice cheap things while thrifting, the best thing being a vintage MLP T-shirt!

How great! The best part is that (even though it's adult sized) it was classified in the children's clothing section, making it only $.99! so cheap and cute *u* It's a little loose fitting so I'm still not sure I'm going to take it in a little to fit better or just keep it as a cute loose fitting T-shirt ;v;.

And finally, I'll share my outfit for today!

Just something simple for meeting with Caylee again today~!
top ~ thrifted
shorts ~ forever21
socks ~ offbrand
shoes~ ss
acessories ~ taobao, mintymix, offband

I hope you all have a good day! I'll try to think of more exciting posts soon ;u;!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love your outfits~ always so cute! ;)

  2. love your outfits! especially the last one <3

  3. Too cute! >w< Your coodinates are always so inspiring~ ; w ; <3

  4. Aw, thank you all so much! ;A;! <333

  5. awww... I love your outfits! They always makes me so happy! Keep on the good work girl! :D

  6. Wow thank you! ;A;! I'm glad they make you happy x)!! <3! I will :D!

  7. WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO TAN. and her hair is blackish now?

  8. LOL maybe it's the camera or your monitor? her hair is still blonde and shes not very tan at all ;v;/

  9. Aaw your outfits are so cute *-* My favorite is the second one ^^

  10. Thank you!! ;v;! that ones my favorite too hehe x)

  11. CUTTTIIIEEEE, we need to hang! I really miss you ;__; seeing your blog makes me miss you more!

  12. Theaaaa~! I miss you too ;AAA;! It's been forever omg ;^;! We need to hang out soon ;v;!!!

  13. When are you free? :D
    Actually, lets talk thru fb~