Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Haircut~ Yay for Short Hair!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating as often as usual again, but nothings been happening! The most exciting thing I've done lately was go to the bookstore to pick up my summer reading books (at the last minute..oops!) and somehow get out of going to the family reunion I was told I had to be at (awwww yeah!).

A few days ago, I did have thoughts of cutting my hair into a shorter style. In 2008 I cut my hair very short, and absolutely loved it! I also fell in love with lolita around the same time and resolved to grow my hair out in order to maximize styling possibility~. Well, I got tired of waiting forever for my hair to (not really) grow, so I resolved to get it cut into a short style again. My hair as it used to be was pretty boring and hard to style because of the awkward length and the grown out layers. I usually just straightened it and left it down, clipped some bows in and was off. I am now so used to that, I couldn't imagine styling my hair every day xD. Anyways, with out further ado, my new hairstyle!

Ta da~!

Stars ~ ☆

Just a silly one ;v;

And since I took a picture, here's what I wore today

Top ~ self altered
Skirt, Shoes ~ Thrifted
Socks, Belt ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ handmade

hehehe now I want to see about putting pink on the tips of the layers ;u;! My mom doesn't like the idea yet, but maybe she'll warm up to it xD! Do you guys think my hair would look good with pink tips? *v*?

School is just around the corner for me as well (it starts on the 8th! Yikes! Where did summer go?), and to tell you the truth I'm not looking forward to it xD I want to stay inside with no responsibilities hahah xD Oh well! I hope this school year will go over well!

So how do you like it? ;u;?

Thanks for looking☆ミ!


  1. cuuuuute! <3
    I think you should get a block colouring instead of tips or half your bangs baby pink. ;u;
    Your hair looks a lot healthier too! (:

  2. super cute!!! i like caylee's ideas for your hair.
    i know what you mean about waiting for hair to grow.. the urge to cut it again is very enticing!!!

  3. So cute~! >w< I've recently been thinking of getting my hair cut short as well, but I'm not sure if what I have in mind would suit me. ;^;

    Anyway~ the length you have is very cute, and I think pink tips would top it off nicely! X3

  4. ayy your very cute with this hair! *__*

  5. god your hair is so cute now! Don't make me cut ,y hair:P

  6. Oh your new hair cut looks pretty adorable ^^
    I think it suits you well ^^
    So it seems like we both went to the hairdresser in the same day since I just painted mine yesterday ^^
    I did a new Janetstore haul today. You can check my blog if you want (:

  7. @Caylee ~ Thank you! And maybe I will ;v;! I want to get some color in it in the near future *v*! I had a lot of split ends and whatnot, so it is healthier now :D!

    @Julie Doll ~ Thanks~! ;u;!It really is! I guess I'm not cut out for growing my hair(hehehe get it? ;v;?)

    @Puffie Dust ~ Thanks! ;u;! I think there are online programs where you can try out different haircuts to see how they would look on you ;u;. You should try one!

    @Natsi ~ Thanks so much ;v;!

    @Churi Chan ~ haha thank youu~! xD <3

    @Miaaw ~ Thanks :D! What a cool cooincidence too ;v;! I'll definitely check your haul post *u* ~hugs~!

  8. Cuuute! I started growing my hair out for the same reason, but I really miss it being short!

  9. Thank you! ;u;! short hair is so fun and easy~ ;v; I love it

  10. so cute! i think pink tips would be cool