Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School likes to steal my life ;A;

Hey, guys! There really hasn't been a lot to blog about lately! Even when there is, all my time is spent on homework or just de-stressing from it all xD! One really exciting thing has happened though ~!

On Saturday, we got a puppy!

My family has been wanting a dog for the past couple of years now. Because my dad is allergic to dogs and cats, we've never had one before ;u;. My stepdad is unfortunately allergic to cats (which is extremely sad because I love cats so so so much you guys xD), so we all agreed that eventually getting dog would be wonderful. But then came arguments on what breed of dog, what dog names, responsibilities  etc. etc. and we never agreed or made any progress.  As a matter of fact, we never actually agreed on a breed, but on Saturday morning, on our way home from a school-related program I had to be at in the morning, We passed by a sign that said "FREE PUPPIES"! I think as soon as we saw the sign, my mom and I freaked out and basically decided that we were getting one for sure, and that we did!

We named him Bear ;u;! Apparently hes a Beagle Terrier mix. I don't really know much about dogs, and I generally prefer cats, but I already love him like a little brother ;u;! He's probably the cutest thing ever xD!

Other than my new puppy friend, life has been a constant cycle of school, homework, internet, and sleep (not always in that order)! I've been really lazy about taking pictures lately too xD. My 16th birthday is also approaching soon, so I've got some party planning to do, essays to write, projects to start, clubs to attend, and books to read @~@!

Speaking of school, I thought I'd share a project I had to do for my fashion marketing class ;u;. Basically you're supposed to market yourself using a visual (a shoebox) decorated to your liking, with three things inside that represent you ;v;. I really like the way the box turned out, so I thought I'd share here!

I basically covered the box in things that I like/ fabrics that I had on hand :D I really like it and I'm so glad we can eep the project, because I feel the need to use this as storage for something! I've yet to figure out what xD. 
Anyways, posting will likely be slow for these next few weeks! School is really kicking my behind ;~;! I do still love blogging and reading all of your comments, so I'll still try to post as often as possible~! 

                                                                 Thanks for looking! 


  1. Dude your school has a fashion marketing class? SO lucky!! My school has NOTHING for fashion geeks D: (except if you want to volunteer to sew the costumes for drama, but that's obviously on your own time... which I have hardly any of atm).
    Your dog is SO cute!! <3 I have a beagle/cavalier mix, and she looks kind of like Bear :)
    If he's like any beagle I've ever met, he'll eat a LOT, even to the point of eating himself sick if you give him enough, so be careful about that xD I've also heard that terriers are VERY yappy little dogs, so it'd probably be good to teach him not to bark at a young age unless you want to hear it ALL the time :P

  2. Yeah! It's the only one having to do with fashion though xD. I wanted it since freshman year, but didn't get it until now! It's pretty fun so far :D Today we watched project runway and flipped through Vogue xD. Thank you so much for the tips! He certainly is happy to eat anything and pretty yappy xD

  3. OMG what a cutie!!! I've always loved that name for dogs haha!

  4. awww! your puppy is so cute!!!! I miss having a dog walking around :'(

  5. aaaw i love the doggy! so adorable!*_*

  6. Omg that dog!;A; And the shoebox is awesome too, I wish my school did something like that xD♥

  7. hes so precious ;u;! I love my little bear hahaha ;u;!

  8. Your puppy is adorable! Be sure to give him tons of love! ^^

  9. I will for sure! hes so cuteee *u*