Thursday, August 11, 2011

Updates and 30 Day Lolita Challenge Days 15-18!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've been away so long again @~@! School started up this past Monday and I've basically been busy getting used to my new daily routine ;u;. So far, I'm very happy with school, though I feel like I had a better schedule layout last year xD. Lets just say I'm not looking forward to having Trigonometry and Physics for 2nd and 3rd period;;;;. Anyways, other than school and the occasional hanging out with some friends after it, I've basically only been sleeping, eating, and tumbling xD which, again, makes for a boring blog! I then remembered that I have the 30 day Lolita Challenge to finish and I leave it up to times like these to finish it!

★Day 15 - A picture of your last lolita purchase★

I haven't bought any new lolita clothing in such a long time xD! I think the last thing I bought was my bodyline Soft Cream skirt, which was around Christmas! I feel due for some loli shopping ;u;

★Day 16 - Your outfit for the day★

Not wearing lolita today actually xD It's a bit too hot ;A;! I haven't worn lolita very much this summer because of the heat, but I'm hoping for cooler weather to come fast enough that I can start dressing up in petticoats and lace much more often! I also didn't take a picture of my outfit today since it isn't very different from this one ~

the only differences are that I'm wearing pastel pink tights instead of the dot tights and scrunchy socks, no bracelets, and my hair is now different ;v;. I forget how hard it is to be creative at 5:30 AM!

★Day 17 - What do you want more than anything right now?★

I'm assuming lolita related ;v;! What I really want right now is the lavender Fantasic Dolly replica skirt, so that I'll have all the main things I'll need for my AWA coordinate! I'll be twinning with my good friend Jesse and I'm so excited about it ;u;!

★Day 18 - A picture of your favorite lolita style★

Basically anything unu wears ;u;! I've always thought of her style as a cross between OTT sweet and fairy lolita, something I would like to accomplish though in a different way ;v;!

So that's that! Sorry there's not a lot of substance to my blog lately, I'll definitely be trying to remedy that soon :D!

thanks for taking a look ~ !

P.S. I've also updated the layout of my blog! What do you think ;u;? It's a bit more on the fairy kei side this time. I hope you all enjoy it anyways ☆ミ!


  1. Great to see you blogging again:D:D I always gets really exited by reading your blog :)

  2. It's good to be updating haha! And that's such a sweet complement ;OO;! Thank you so much!! ;A;! <3

  3. Love the new layout! >w<
    Good luck with school, you're so lucky that yours doesn't have a uniform~ ;A; </3

  4. Unu is absolutely adorable! I want to hug her! :o

  5. @Puffie Dust ~ thank you! ;A;! And I suppose I am! I like some uniforms too though, I fin them very cute *v*!
    @Audrey ~ I feel the same! ;A; it would be awesome to meet her some day