Monday, August 22, 2011

Updates ~! A little bit of everything ;u; (haul, crafting, nails & outfits!)

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having great days :D! Despite it being the dreaded Monday, I feel like everything is great right now ;u;. I have to say, I really enjoy my classes at school this year, and I've been having a lot of fun lately! On Friday after school was the first meeting of this year of my schools anime club (no shame ;v; I really do like a lot of older, and some newer anime and our club is pretty tame and usually a blast!), and after the meeting a few friends and I went off to meet another friend who is getting ready to go to college. Well, she cleaned out her bedroom, got all of her things that she never wants to see again, put them in her truck and let her friends dig though it for anything that strikes their hearts desire! Here's parts of the haul that I came away with

The Cardcaptors manga is actually a misprint! There are two first chapters and no second ;v;! I'm surprised she gave it away *u*!
I'm pretty sure there was more nail polish and a few games I ended up getting as well, but I couldn't find everything when taking the picture ;u;.

After that, we ended up spending the evening hanging out and making even more plans for the weekend! What we decided on was a sleepover, so we all spent Saturday together. Mostly we baked two cakes, danced around, played catch with an orange, had a few dramatic Yu-Gi-Oh! reenactments (Okay, so that was actually only my little brother and I haha), watched movies, decided to stay up all night, and did nails~ ! A really fun girls night ;v;. I really need to get a digital camera so I can take more in progress pictures of fun times, but I do have a picture of my new nail art~! It's a bit messy due to 3 in the morning, but I like them better than the last design ;v;

I also popped the lenses out of my cheapy mint sunglasses and covered them with rhinestones and cabochons ~ I really like the result! I've always had a liking for glasses, and always wanted to wear them, but my eyesight is pretty good and I have no need to ;^;. I guess this is sort of my way of coping with the fact that I won't ever need prescription ones xD.

I sort of want to find some in other colors and make more to wear haha~

worn picture ~

Sunday came along (I got all of three hours of sleep, from around 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM) and we decided to go over to H-mart to look into the cute shops around, get some SunO, and buy some snacks ;v;. After that, we went swimming for a few hours and then everyone left ;v; ~. It was a really fun weekend with some really fun people :D!

I'll leave you all with a few of my recent outfits ~






How was everyone's weekend? ;u;?

Thanks for looking ☆ミ!


  1. I love all your outfits >_< you are fantastic

  2. Awe ;A; thank you so so much! <3

  3. Talk about an awesome weekend!! I haven't had a weekend like that with anyone for... A year I think. *sad panda* Oh well. The weekend's been all fine and lazy. XD

    By the way, your style is too cute! All the pastels and layers.. It's so fun to see on someone who does it well!! XD

  4. Ooohh, lookit all that pastel, you are STYLIN'! :D

  5. Wow, I love your deco-ed glasses! They're a nice touch to your outfit!!~

  6. your nails and your glasses is SO cute :D:D:D

  7. @ The Fool ~ It was really fun! I think it's catching up to me though, I just napped for around two hours longer than I planned and I'm still so tired ;A;! And thank you so much <33!
    @Donni ~ Donni ;A; I miss you so much! and thank you!! <3!
    @StrawberryFrills ~ Thank you so much!!;v;!
    @Churi Chan ~ Thanks ;u; ~ <3!

  8. Sounds like good fun! I love how your nails came out and your glasses. We have opposite problems, when it comes to glasses. I have bad eyesight and I want to wear sunglasses, but I can't because I have to wear glasses...;~;

  9. It was! And thank you :D! Hahaha we should swap! I never wear sunglasses really ;A;

  10. This outfit is DEFINITELY my favorite one, soooo adorable TuT
    I was so sad you couldn't come to Kyla's bday btw...

  11. @Whipcreambunn - how didn't I see this? ;A;! thank you! and same here, I wish we could have hung out more at AWA and such too ;A;
    @Demibloom - thank you <33