Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Thrifting~

Today I had plans to meet with my friend Raven at the thrift store! I always have fun while thrifting with friends, it's much more amusing when you find those ridiculous who-would-buy-that-ever?! things to share with someone else xD. Anyways, though I don't have pictures of us two together today, I have my outfits and my lovely finds!

T-shirt, shoes ~ thrifted
Skirt ~ handmade
Tights ~ we love colors,
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, bodyline, prettypopdesigns, my sweet victoria,
Bag ~ sanrio

So this is what I wore out to meet her and thrift! It was extremely hot today though so later on after the shopping trip I changed into this

~Same as above but the tops and skirt are thrifted!~

which is an outfit made up two of the things I got!

I always find it helpful when going to have an idea of what you want when you go thrifting. It helps to be open to everything, but I always give myself a goal like "new tops!" or "pink shirts" so that I don't end up being overwhelmed and not get anything...or get everything haha. Those were my guidelines for today ;u;. Here's everything that I got~

The pink T-shirt is a super perfect pink color, and it's big enough for me to remake it and add some great cuteness to it nile perch style ;u;!. The black tank top with white dots isn't the best fitting thing in the world, so I'll have to edit that too. The pastel blue mini skirt is great though! It reminds me of some things I've seen on the spank! girls. I am also thrilled to have found this pastel windbreaker (? not sure of the correct term for it ;^;) and super cute giant Wish Bear!

I didn't find any cute sheets to use as fabric this time around, or any neat shoes, but I'm very happy with my finds! I think the price of everything was close to $14. Not too bad at all for so many things!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Adorable!~ I like how super '80's the shirt is on the right (>u< )!~
    Hopefully I'll be going on a thrift adventure tomorrow, since I haven't gone all summer! I wonder what I'll find ~

  2. Thank you! ;v;! I love how 80s it is too *v*! If you go, definitely make a post! I would love to see what kinds of great things you find :D!

  3. Great finds~ I love thrift shopping <3 Most of myt clothes are hand me downs, thrifted or from garage sales. :)
    There are so many great clothes in the world, I think clothes are over produced actually and people should take advantage(and save money) of the great stuff you can get by thrifting.

    Goodwill is my favorite place! They have 50% off all clothes on's a terrible temptation!! xD lol

  4. ay you outfits are very adorable! ><

  5. @Angel ~ I agree with you! It's awesome to save so much money and have so many cute things *v*! I love 50% off days myself~! Some places have select things for 50 cents on certain days too ;u;!

    @natsi ~ Thank you <3!!

  6. Ahhh that shirt is amazing! As are your outfits!

  7. @Sasha ~ Isn't great?! I hope I can find more things like that *v*! Thank you!