Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updates ~ Super fun times ;v;!


Hello ;v;! The semesters coming to an end now, so I hardly have any time for blogging, or really doing much of anything other than school work ;A;! There are so many last minute projects and tests coming up ;^; I should probably be doing school work at this moment actually, but I feel like I need to post a little something before I disappear for a few days again xD. Last weekend, I somehow got all of my schoolwork done and had a wonderful sleepover with Jesse, hung out with Caylee and Ayu again, and went to my friend Alisha's birthday party the next day ;A;! I'm not sure how I did it, maybe I actually am a magical girl and bent time and space? Ahaha its a mystery! But I wanted to share a few pictures and things from last weekend ;v;~

My outfit for the day~! I attempted twisted kyary horns, but I'll need to practice more to get them right ;v;
Tops ~ thrifted, Secondhand
Skirt ~ Thrifted
Tights, socks ~ welovecolors, offbrand
Accessories ~ meltydream, taobao, handmade,

The started as just plans to meet up with Jesse at some point soon, and then I learned Caylee lived close to him, and so she came along too, which was great! I haven't hung out with Caylee in such a long time ;v;! Ayu works at the mall we were meeting at, and because she was coming over to buy some lolita off of me, it all worked out and we ended up a party of four! My little brother tagged along too, but I don't count him as a person (this is a joke orz).

Jesse and I sneaking a picture together ;u; ~

group/derpalicious shot!

 I already had plans with Alisha for the next day to meet her for lunch and then hang out with a few others ;v;. Jesse tagged along since he already knew Alisha ;v;~. That was so much fun too, but unfortunately I still don't have that camera so no pictures ;A;

I did do some light shopping since I was out though, mostly to replenish my supply of pencils and get a new cute pencil case, since my old ones were stolen ;~;! I still miss them, but I'm glad I finally got some new ones! I also bought a cute scrunchy that I've been eyeing for a while ;u;~

the pink pencil says "Sweet friend / choose the way of happiness leading you to sweet time.", the lilac one says "marshmallow", and the blue one says "Sweet love / I  give to my heart for you" ;v;. 

That was my weekend hahaha! I'm still surprised I managed to fit writing a 10 page paper in there and finish up my science projects display and everything ;v;!

Thanks for looking ☆~!


  1. I love the pencil case you got, especially the little pom pom on it! ^^

  2. Hey there! I love your blog. I dont usually comment, and this post is a bit old, but I noticed that you live in Atlanta and I just move here cause I transferred colleges. I havent been able to poke about atl much, but I was just really wondering where you bought the pencils and stuff? They're so cuuuute and I'm on the hunt to find good kawaii shops in atl!

  3. Hi! thank you so much :D!! I bought these pencils at the Discover Mills mall in Lawrenceville. It's a little bit( like 20-30 minutes?) outside of Atlanta ;v;. There are some other cute shops in the Super H mart plaza in Duluth ;v;!