Monday, December 12, 2011

100th post!! Crafting updates and some outfits~~!

Hi everyone! Today's post is the 100th one! It feels really great to be blogging for over a year now and to also have 100 posts! Thank all of you so much for following and reading!! Hopefully I can continue this blog for another 100 posts and beyond ;v;!

I think this is sort of fitting for this post too, since I started this project months and months and months ago, back in Janruany! I started close to when I started this blog, but not exactly ahaha. I'll admit I totally forgot about it through summer, but I picked it up again around October and finally finished today! It's ~~

A scarf! My first knitting project since probably first grade? It started out looking...horrible ahahah, but I finished knitting it on friday and wore it before "fixing" it on saturday.

See? It looks pretty boring here.
~rundown (12-10-11)~
Jacket ~ offbrand
Scarf ~ handmade
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tights ~ we love colors
Bag ~ sanrio
Shoes ~ secret shop
Accessories ~ taobao, handmade, offbrand

I did find the time today to go along with what I planned though, which was folding it over to conceal the various imperfections and sort of Laffifying it xD. 

Me wearing it today!
~rundown (12-12-11)~
Top ~ handmade
Scarf ~ handmade
Shorts ~ forever21
Leggings/tights/socks ~ offbrand
Jacket ~ offbrand
Accessories, wig ~ handmade, taobao

I think I'll probably end up adding more and more to it as
 time goes on though :D!

I also got so used to knitting it in school that I actually just started another one xD I'm not sure yet if I'll keep it or give it away though ;u;~.

Thanks so much for looking everyone~!


  1. Your scarf turned out great! I remember when you were learning how to knit, so it's cool to see your skills now! ^^

  2. Thank you! I'm getting kind of addicted haha hopefully I'l learn more and get even better at it :D!