Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I spent New Years Eve! ☆a very sparkly post☆

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I haven't updated yet ;A;! School started up again yesterday, so I was scrambling about Sunday and Monday trying to prepare myself. I hope the new year has been kind to you all so far ;u;!

On New Years eve, I was originally expecting to be at home and help my mom prepare food all day, sit around and not do much of anything. Thankfully, My friends Kira and Katie invited me to hang out with them and craft a little bit, but we mostly played dress up hehehe. It was a lot of fun! And since I have that digital camera now, I have a few pictures :D!

This is what I wore over ;v; A little casual since I thought we were just going to craft~

I didn't take a picture of Kira before she changed clothes for some reason, but I did get Katie ;v;! I love Little Bears Cafe so much and it's so cute on her ;v;~ I only know that her dress is from Dream of Lolita on taobao and some accessories are from chocomint.

After a little while we all changed clothes haha! Kira changed into what I was wearing already, and Katie put on a penguin kigurumi that Kira has ;v;. They both looked adorable!

Kira asked me to try on her gothic lolita coord, so I did ;v;. It felt really weird not being in all pink like usual!

And then I tried on Katie's dress ;v;! Little Bears Cafe is so cute *^*

We took this right before I had to go, so I'm back in my outfit haha ;v;. It was a really fun day~
I'm also not entirely sure why I felt the urge to cover these pictures is an insane amount of sparkles, but I did!

I did have to go home for the evening though, which was fine! I think it's three years now that we've celebrated New Years by making lots of appetizers and snacking until midnight and then going out to play with fireworks ;v;. I had a lot of fun going outside with my little brother and playing with sparklers and stuff hehe

My stepdad took that photo while I was talking or laughing or something so I blocked my face since not even I can handle all of that derp ahaa

For resolutions, I don't really have many this year! I still want to drink more water, and I want to sew more and stop procrastinating on everything so much. Other than that I'm pretty content with everything ;u;.

Did you all have fun celebrating New Years~?

Thanks for looking!


  1. aww katie and kira look so cute omg ;u;
    also hi i was creepin your blog sorry LOL

  2. You and your friend all look so cute! Hope you have a great year!

  3. @Mandy ~ don't they? And thats fine haha <3!
    @Audrey ~ Thanks ;v;! same to youu~!

  4. Really LOVE all your clothes :) *I've been checking your blog out whole day :3*