Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spank! badges~

Hello again~! Sorry I really haven't been on top of posting this month! I've been busy with a lot schoolwork this week, and there's only more coming up so I might be posting lots of 30 day fairy kei challenge posts until I can get time to finish up the uchuu kei post I've been working on ;v;. I'm just dropping in today to share that I finally got around to making I ♥ Spank! buttons ;v;! I got these templates from pastelraindrops and luckily enough my teacher has that button maker so it was all free!

That's all I have to share for now, unfortunately ;A;! I thought about taking a hiatus because schoolwork is really intensifying, but I'll still try to post when I can and I promise I'll have those 30 day challenge posts up in between ;v;. I originally wanted to open my shop before February, but It could be during or even after the month ;A; sorry about that! I promise I'll be opening it soon though ♥! Thanks for looking!