Monday, January 16, 2012

Updates! Lots of outfits and other goodies~☆


Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I disappeared like that ;A;! It was really hard to get back into the routine of going to school, and for about a week I was absolutely exhausted and feeling really down about it ;^;! I'm all better now though, and I feel bad for not at least posting a 30 day challenge update or something ;^;. I have been taking lots of outfit pictures this month so far though, so I'll share those with you! I'm going to skip out on rundowns for these though, since I've worn all of these before or mentioned them on this blog once or twice ;u;. If you want to know where anything is from, feel free to ask!


I think this was the first day back at schools outfit ;u;~


Right now, this is basically what I wear on school days when I don't feel like putting effort into getting dressed or If i'm doing something messy in crafts class

I worse this to school last Friday and then to get hot pot afterwards with friends ;u;! It was a lot of fun to hang out with them and be dressed up  after a long week of readjusting to school ;A;

This is the first Uchuu kei outfit that I put together ;u;! I've mentioned Uchuu kei before when I posted my drawing of an uchuu girl, but I'll make a post pretty soon to explain it a bit more ;u;


This is a really toned down uchuu kei outfit too, I was going to put together a super over the top outfit and and do crazy makeup, but my parents told me we had plans to go to dinner with my stepdads parents so I had to tone everything down haha. I did do my makeup for the first time in FOREVER though, so I'll share that too ;v;!

and just my eyes~

And I also haven't shared my nails for this month! I don't think I posted my December nails either, I swear I had a picture somewhere but I can't find it at all now! They were pretty similar to these though, but they had alternating red and green bows and some pearls on the white snowy tips ;v;

You can probably tell that the thumb and pinky nails are fake this time. those two nails ended up breaking really short, and I don't have the willpower to cut the rest of them, so I've been wearing fake nails on those two fingers since sometime in December I think haha.

I also finally bought one of those sailor moon t-shirts from Hot Topic! I'm trying to expand my magical girl clothing and accessories collection, so I'm so glad I finally got my hands on one~! I also bought one of those snap bracelet watches, it's all sparkly and a really nice shade of purple ;v;

And the other day, my fashion marketing teacher informed her classes that she has a button maker! She got it out for everyone to make one button, but then she left the classroom for a while and a bunch of us made two (shhh~! don't tell her haha)

Both of the ones I made are Creamy Mami! I wanted to make an I Spank! button for myself, but I wasn't up to searching through pages of google images with those keywords at school haha. She said it should be fine to make more sometime, so I'll be sure to have them ready.

Thats everything I've been up to recently ;u;! I will try my hardest not to abandon this blog for so long again ;A;! I also promise I haven't given up on opening my shop, I'm just trying to make a few more items before I open it ;u;!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh gosh you are just too adorable! I really really love those outfits! I think I need more pastel cuteness in my life. Have you ever made a "how to put together a fairy/uchuu/insert-something-super-cute-here kei outfit" tutorial before?

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them :D! you totally should, pastel cuteness is a lot of fun I think *v*! I'v never made one because I think fashion should be as individualistic as possible. There are tutorials out there for people who are just starting, but I think its more fun to develop your own style ;u;!

  2. I want to make buttons! your teacher sounds awesome! ^^

    Also, how do you keep your nails so long? Do you have trouble typing? I've tried to grow out my nails, but they always break or I have to give up both typing and texting.

    1. Shes a really sweet teacher ;u;!

      I don't have much trouble typing or texting or anything, but that might be because I'm just so used to them being really long! I'm having lots of trouble adjusting to having my left thumbnail being short actually haha! Try using a strengthening basecoat if you're not already, it helped my nails to grow out a lot ;u;!

  3. Wow! Your outfits are so cute and colorful!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so ;v;!

  4. Hi. Lovely outfits. I love fairy kei style. And I love your make up. Do you have a youtube tutorial about hot to make up like that?

    1. Hi! Thanks a ton ;u;. I don't have a tutorial for that look, but I did learn a lot about applying makeup from just going through you tube and then just playing with it ;v;. For that make up look, I used a mintish green on my lids, and a purple for the outer corners and on top, and blended them together, then added small dots with white eyeliner, and fake lashes etc. I hope that helps a bit!