Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cult Party Kei, Bakeries, and Shaved Ice~

Hello everyone! Last weekend there was a lolita meetup at a bakery really close to me, and lately I've had a really hard time attending meetups for the longest time because of how far away or expensive they are. I don't in lolita a lot anymore, and fairy kei is such a regular thing to me that I wanted to be just a bit more fancy, so I decided to officially put together my first cult party kei outfit!

Everything is thrifted or handmade by myself or a friend expect for my tights which are welovecolors, and my rocking horse shoes, which are from double decker!

Hair and makeup! I got a haircut the day before so it's a good length again ;v;~! 
Taken in the car because I had forgotten to take one earlier haha

An accessories shot~!

The meetup was a lot of fun, though I was late so it didn't last too long. I got to see Caylee and Jesse again after way too long of a time though!

Caylee had to go pretty soon after the meet was scheduled to end, so Jesse and I left the bakery where the meetup was being held to grab some taiyaki and SunO goodness

yum yum yum~! 

I hardly took any pictures, but we had a really fun time. I like wearing cult party kei and hopefully I can put lots more outfits together~!

Thanks for looking ☆!


  1. Nice outfit! You look super cute!

  2. sere you always look so cute and colourful, i love it ^ u ^
    p.s. hellu there > u < haha oh gosh this is probably gonna sound creepy...XD ive been an avid reader of your blog for a while now but finally got the guts to follow you :3 so hi there, i love your fun and inspirational blog <3

    1. Awe~ thanks so mcuh! That's not creepy at all ;v;~! Thank you so so so much for following! I'm so glad you like my blog <3 u v u It's nice to meet you!

  3. I love your shoes! They look so cute on you! Is it hard to wear rocking horse shoes? I've been wanting a pair, but I want to make sure I'll be able to wear them to school and not trip. :D

    1. Thanks :>! they'e not too hard to wear, you just have to make sure not to shift your weight sideways I guess, since the platforms are pretty narrow. The cut out at the back doesn't give me any troubles, and I wore them to school a good bit a few years ago and never tripped and fell or anything ;v;.

  4. oh my. that bowl of fruits look so delicious. You put a great outfit together. Like always.