Friday, February 17, 2012

☆ Lots and Lots of Thrifting ☆ Uchuu Kei and Care Bears~

Hi everyone! ;v;! I'm finally back in posting within three days! Well ,this week I went thrifting twice! I haven't been for the longest time, so I was super excited to go Wednesday afternoon, and then yesterday with friends we went by chance hahaha! Since I was meaning to buy lots of stuff to kick off my uchuu kei wardrobe ( I promise a big old post on this is coming soon!) , and also some things for spring I wasn't too concerned about being super cheap this time hahaha I think from both of the visits I spent close to $35 ;A;. That's not too bad considering how much new stuff I got, but it's painful to spend so much in a thrift store! haha At least my second visit was only $5 though! Anyways, Here are those pictures~ 

Here's most of the haul! Almost everything here is for uchuu kei hahaha ;u;. I'm planning on painting the barbie to look like an alien and then making her a pin ;v;!

These two things I couldn't take flat pictures of without the coloring being weird, so I just threw them on really quickly ;v;. The shawl was actually a blanket, but I made it into a shawl once I got home ;v;! I also got a new bed jacket!

And this super awesome windbreaker! I was so excited to find this I almost died ahaha. The only bittersweet part about it is that it was $10 with some really ugly pants, and since I don't wear pants anyways I decided to only get the jacket. When I explained to the store clerk she said it would still be $10 ;A;. 
It was such a good find though, so I don't mind it all that much! 

I also found some Melissa jelly shoes, but they were too small! So disappointing haha! I'm really happy with all that I got though :D! I can't wait to coordinate it all and reconstruct some stuff as well ;v;

I didn't get as much during the second thrifting trip, since I bought a bunch of clothes the day before, but here's that haul~!
I'm planning on making the lavender sheet into a cutsew or a summer dress or something like that ;v;! I actually bought two more stuffed animals, but one I can't find (I'm sure its here somewhere haha) and the other is a surprise gift so I can't show it!

And my friend Alisha's mom found this care bear blanket and surprised me by getting it for me! Shes just too sweet  ;A; I love it so much!

Now my bed space looks like this hehehe ~ ☆

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Thanks for looking!