Thursday, April 12, 2012

☆Silver Stars and Crop Tops☆

Hi everyone! This is just a pretty quick post of something I did yesterday~! A friend of mine came over, and while we were hanging out in my room suddenly I was struck with the urge to finally remake a too big T-shirt I got while thrifting into an uchuu kei style crop top! I had meant to do this for the longest time, but lately I've hardly been able to craft of sew anything for myself! It was nice to get the feeling of 'Warm up that sewing machine and get going' again, and I'll hopefully be more motivated to craft and sew more and more often from now on for both myself and my shop, since I've got a lot of materials piled up now~! 


That's what I made~! It was made for uchuu kei, which even though I have a master post coming up to explain more completely I'll explain a little bit here, which is a style that draws inspiration from the ideas of popkei and outer space alien cuties! Think stars, planets, metallic, neon, and anything a particularly stylish alien would wear! Since I've been dying to expand my collection of uchuu related goodies, I sketched this out somewhere (probably on school notes;;) and had wanted to do it for the longest time before I finally did it hahaha. Also, if you're wondering, the holographic stars are actually made from paper from a gift bag I had! It was more or less an experiment to see if it would look weird on clothes, but I like it and figure I can hand wash or not wear it enough to wash it anyways, so it's all good~!


And worn! haha, the full pictures I took didn't show anything very well at all so I took a close up this time ;v;

Thanks for looking everyone! See you again soon~ 


  1. cute! i really enjoy your this your own style (uchuu kei) cuz i was dreaming (designing)of a style like this awhile ago. i love it..and the bag you made was awesome should be a store item


    1. Thanks! And yes, in a way ;u;. I've seen lots of things around lately within fairy kei and japaese street fashion with cute outer space motifs and I really love it! So I decided to take it a bit further than just accessories and sort of name the style of dress that accompanies it. I don't really claim that I invented i so it's hard to explain ahahaha;;;. I would do that if it would be a plausible thing to wash! haha