Sunday, May 22, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Eight! Music ~♪♫

Hi! Sorry for my absence ;u;. Finals are next week so I've been busy studying for them (and avoiding studying for them lol). Anyways, I have day eight of the 30 day challenge ready today!

★10 songs that inspire you for lolita★

I was actually really looking forward to this post! I don't usually listen to music because it reminds me of lolita, but just because I like it. Even though none of these songs are particularly lolita, they all sound sweet! ...I have no idea how to only embed the sound bar, btw ;A; could someone tell me how? x~x?

☆ One ~ Happiness Land - Aira Mitsuki

☆ Two ~ Darling Wondering Starring - Aira Mitsuki

☆ Three ~ Capsule - Glider rmx

☆ Four ~ Super Speedy Judy Jedy - Capsule

☆ Five ~ 5iVE STAR - Capsule

☆ Six ~ Sugarless GiRL - Capsule

☆ Seven ~ Polyrhythm - Perfume

☆ Eight ~ Lonely in Gorgeous - Tommy February6

☆ Nine ~ BARBiE BARBiE -Aira Mitsuki

☆ Ten ~ Adventure - Capsule

So that's all ten! Again, in no particular order ;u;.

Thanks for looking! Byebye~♪♫ !


  1. Polyrhythm! ♥
    All these songs are so good! (:

  2. Yep! I love how mellow (most of) them are ~u~

  3. I love Perfume and that Barbie Barbie song!!!! it makes me so happy :D:D

  4. Same here! I adore perfume ;v;. I should have included more of them! I love their more upbeat songs like Fake It and Lazer Beam~!