Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally on summer break!! ★Summer Goals List★

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was my last day of school for the year! I'm finally free to be at home and laze around and do nothing for two months. I am super excited~. Even though that sounds like it'll be fun for me for the first two or three weeks, I think I'll get bored with my time at home pretty quickly xD. So I'm going to write up a list on what I want to accomplish over summer break. I started to think that I need to do this and that, but I know that without a nice, neat, star-pointed list I'll never get anything done! So here goes, my summer goals list ~

☆ Make Money! I've been wanting to start an etsy shop and sell a few of my crafts and anything else for the longest time now. Unfortunately, I don't have a debit card or bank account to start up a shop, so I'll need to get that arranged first.

☆Practice Driving! I got my learners permit a couple of weeks ago, but I've only been driving twice since then ;A;. I want to be able to get my licence and maybe a car in a year, so I need to really learn how to drive this summer.

☆ Blog More! Ever since school intensified, I've been pretty lazy about this blog ;~;. I have a few things I've been wanting to write posts about but haven't had the time x^x! Now that summer vacation is about, I'm excited to finish the 30 day challenge and start posting more and more often.

☆Go shopping! Lots of kinds of shopping. I need to go stationary shopping, lolita shopping, thrifting, skin care shopping, nail polish shopping, fabric and craft shopping, just lots and lots of shopping xD. Hopefully I make some money and can do this!

☆Go to meet ups! Last summer I was able to go to lot, but this summer I hope to make most of them! Most of the meet ups are far-ish away from me, and during the school year it's hard to make them. There are a few exciting sounding ones coming up that I can hopefully get to though!

☆Sew and craft! I don't have much summer clothes since I pretty much cleaned out my closet in early spring and got rid of all my older clothes. I'm excited to make myself more cutsews and a simple summer JSK or two. I also want to make things based on SPANK's dresses to wear during summer. I want to make some casual tiered skirts (like the frilly AP ones). I'm hoping to sell some clothes and a few crafts too, once I'm better at sewing properly and keeping the insides clean.

definitely want to make one like this!

☆Hang out with friends! I hate losing contact with friends over summer, so I want to prevent that this year.

☆ Read! It's exciting to be out of school and not have any books to read for that~. I finally have time to read for myself again, So I intend on doing so ~u~!

☆ Draw more! I really want to improve my style and my coloring. Hoping to get a tablet some time soon, but thats probably a later rather than sooner thing that will happen. I'm working on a cute summer picture now though ;u;.

Edit: I've finished it! Do you guys like it?

(full size here at my deviantart)

I'll probably add more to this list as I think more things up! Do you guys have any summer plans? ;u;?


  1. All I can say is, 'Lucky!' ;A; It's almost Winter here, but we don't even get snow, just rain and cold winds. .w. Boy, I love Australia.

    Good luck with your goals! I'd love to see an etsy shop of yours, you're pretty gosh-darn talented with a sewing machine. X3

  2. hehehe I've always wondered if you guys have summer break in your summer or in winter. xD It must be sad to not get any snow! We aren't supposed to get much to much at all in the winter but this year was crazy.

    Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to finally being able to open one :D And thank you again <33!

  3. You have awesome goals. A lot of them are similar to mine. Mainly I want to keep working on my sewing, writing and music. ;D

  4. how cool :D! Good luck to you :DD!!

  5. Ohh summer vacation!~ How coveted it is (>u< )!~
    I just got on summer break, and today was my first official day of summer! I've done so many things already and I can't wait to just to everything I've been wanting to do all year in my beautiful last free summer!~

    Your goals are pretty much similar to mine~ Money, crafting, shopping, leisure~ I'm excited to follow your summer adventure (>U< )!~ Have fun!

  6. It really is exciting~ I wish this was my last high school summer! Congrats on graduating <3! I'm looking forward to following your summer adventure as well x3!

  7. What a cute dress :O:O I will do alot of the same in my summer vacation:D Really looking forward to it:D

  8. and by the way! you are so lucky! I don't have summer vacation until June 22. :O

  9. What a nice list! :)
    I love your artwork so much, it's cute. <3

  10. @ Churi Chan - It is really cute! I want to make a lot of spank! inspired tings over the summer, everything they do is so cute! Even if your vacation starts later, that means you go back to school later too though! so it's not that bad :>!

    @Hanae Fayette - Aw thank you so much! <3!

  11. I should make one of these, but it doesn't feel like summer here yet. It's gonna rain the next few days. How dismal!

    But I am totally with you on the practice driving, blogging more, and sewing goals!

  12. Aw that is kind of sad ;A;! I've been inside so much this summer because it's incredibly hot out ;A;! Hopefully we'll get to work hard toward our goals ☆!

  13. You're so youthful and cute. TTATT