Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Four!

I am super excited for today because it's the food post!! I LOVE food. I love it so, so, so, so, so much!

★Day 4 - 10 different kinds of food you like ★

So here goes~

☆ One ~ Beef/chicken/goat/veggie curry! I love curry with all of my heart, you guys. It's just so wonderful, and the spices and taste make me want more every single time *A*.

☆ Two ~ Fettuccine Alfredo! Or any kind of creamy pasta, really. Every time I'm at an italian restaurant, or any restaurant happening to have creamy pasta it's my go to dish ;v;. So good everywhere!

☆ Three ~ Pho! I really love Pho ( Vietnamese noodle soup for those out of the know ;u;). I could probably eat it every other day! There used to be a family run vietnamese restaurant about three minutes from me where I could get my pho fill, but they recently closed down ;~;.

☆ Four ~ Pad Thai! In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a big fan of anything with noodles xD. I really like Thai food in general ;u;!

☆ Five ~ Potatoes! they are so versatile! You have your baked potato, potato chips, french fires, potato curry, potato salad, and there are more! Plus they taste so good and are so good for you. Potatoesss ~~~!

☆ Six ~ Tiramisu! my favorite dessert! Even though I like to dress sweet, I prefer my sweets to not be...too sweet! My eyes are often bigger than my stomach, and I'll go for adorable sweets instead of ones that I would actually enjoy more xD. Thats not the case with me and Tiramisu, though! The bitter coffee flavor suits my taste buds perfectly *A*. I want some now~@

☆ Seven ~ Soups! I really like all sorts of soup xD. I remember chicken and rice soup being my favorite when I was younger.

☆ Eight ~ Mango ANYTHING! Mangos are by far my favorite fruit and my favorite flavor! So tasty~!

☆ Nine ~ Sushi! I absolutely love sushi ;v; never understood how people dislike it without trying it! Usually people have a problem with the whole raw fish thing, but there is veggie sushi and cooked sushi, so it always confused me xD. I love eel sushi the best!

☆ Ten ~ Ice cream! Idk how much of a food this counts as, but oh my god I love ice cream. My favorite ice cream is the caramel swirl with chocolate chunks thing that Publix sells xD. I pretty much enjoy any thing with caramel, cinnamon, or strawberry flavor!

These are some my favorites, but I'm not really very picky. I'm usually okay with anything unless I'm craving some specific kind of food. There are of course things I don't think I'll ever eat though ;~; (intestines or anything like that? Yeah, no thanks ;~;). I want to start posting more food pictures on here! I love looking at pictures of food xD.

Thanks for looking~!


  1. Potatoes and tiramisu!!! *o* Tiramisu is my favorite dessert also and it's soo incredibly delicious! And do post more pictures of food. It would be wonderful to see! *food wreck herself* XD

  2. It is so delicious! I try to have some every chance i get *u*! I will totally start taking and posting food pictures soon! :D!

  3. We pretty much have the same taste xD let's go out eating when we have money :DDD all those wonderful things xDD Tiramisu would actually be fantastic right about now :/

  4. Lol okay! just eat a lot of food ;v; sounds fun~. And wouldn't it?

  5. Tiramisu..ahh yes I agree!!! ^_^ and u can never go wrong with a curry!

  6. yes! Curry will forever be wonderful!

  7. Oh lol! spell check changed that to the wrong word. I meant "intestines" xD

  8. *v* I want to go to a restaurant with you! Our taste buds are compatible!


    *just realized that sounded creepy*

  9. I love going out to eat with people that like the same foods x3! we can share and then it's cheaper! xD

    not creepy at all! lol xD