Friday, May 6, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Two!

Hey again! I'm back with Day 2 today! Let's get right to it~

★Day 2 - 10 things you love in lolita★

There's so much I love about lolita! This one will be so fun to answer x3!

☆ One ~ The clothes. Or better, the quality of the clothes. I know, It's kind of obvious, but it's really true! Even lower quality lolita clothes have time put into the design and details of the piece. Solid colored lolita items have more detail in them than most anything you can find in a mainstream store. The clothes are just gorgeous (of course, there are exceptions)!

☆ Two ~ The way it helps you to evolve your style. Before I learned about lolita, I didn't know anything about lace, good vs. bad fabric, color matching/coordinating, and proportions of outfits. Even though lolita is such a a niche fashion, I know that everything I've learned so far from being a part of it has greatly improved my fashion sense!

☆ Three ~ The prints! I have grown to love border prints~! I love the detail in the artwork and the colors and the appeal of having cookies/cake/tea/whatever as a noticeable-by-any-passer-by aspect of your outfit! They're so uncommon in western clothing for some reason.

☆ Four ~ Shaped bags and hats/head-things. Call me ridiculous, But I cannot wait to put a carousel (or plate of jelly, or eiffle tower, or teacup, etc) on my head. And who doesn't find a candy shaped bag appealing!? I wouldn't love lolita as much without them~.

☆ Five ~ The poof! It's just so cool, okay xD. I get the greatest feeling when my skirt takes up two seats on the bus. I feel like I've succeeded on my quest for fluff xD. Plus it's so fun to play with, and the look it gives is so flattering and lovely!

☆ Six ~ The coordinations that break "The Rules". Rules are cool and all, and it's great to follow them at first while you're still learning. But those white blouse + pink jsk + white socks + pink shoes and bow coordinates. They're boring! I love seeing pastel JSK's with black rider jackets, blouse-less or sock-less coords, crazy hair styles and uncommon combinations! Those are the coords that keep lolita so interesting!

☆ Seven ~ The SOCKS. Oh my god, I love lolita socks. I'm a fan of OTK socks mostly. Since my legs are long and skirts don't usually make it down to my knees, I think I look better proportioned with OTK socks or tights. But patterned socks are just amazing to me. I'm lusting after a few specific pairs, but I'll reveal those when I do a sock wishlist post *u*.

☆ Eight ~ The handmade aspect! I've always loved sewing, but lolita is really what got me to improve ;u;. I still have a long, long way to go, but I can bet you sewing lolita will continue to help me get there. There are so many wonderful lolita seamstresses and designers, and almost every lolita has made one or two of their accessories (if not, you should try! it's a really rewarding feeling when it turns out well ;u;.). It's really cool being in a fashion where so many people make themselves their own unique lovely items.

☆ Nine ~ All the information. I swear I use to spend days going though the memories over at EGL. Reading all the essays, familiarizing myself with the origins and history of the style, reading through tons of debates on why it actually is called Lolita. Tutorials, style guides, wardrobe building tips, just everything! I really like that all of that is available just through a few clicks. Theres a lot of cool information about things besides lolita floating around on EGL too, so if you haven't ever sat down and gone through those memories, I seriously suggest you do!

☆ Ten ~ This is my absolute favorite part about lolita ever, and I seriously am so grateful for this all the time. The friends I've met through lolita are so important to me, and I don't know what I would do without you all! I love my local community to bits, even the girls/guys I've just met and started to get close to. Being a part of the Atlanta lolita community is amazing ;u;. Apart from local communities though, the entire lolita community is just superb. There are so many amazing lolitas, so many sweet people, so many awesome people. It's just the best xD. I'm so glad to be a lolita ;u;!

Hahaha, So that's that! I would love to read everyones answers, so feel free to jump in this contest whenever!

Thanks for taking a look ~


  1. 6!! Good god, YES! It's the rulebreakers that makes this fashion so darn fun and interesting! And other then that I really agree to all the other points too. There are so many things to love about this fashion <3

  2. Exactly! I mean structure is always good, but without rule breaking the style as it is wouldn't exist <3!

  3. I second (third?) 6! I guess I should, being a rulebreaker myself. XD
    Anyway, I LOVE your entire list. Good luck with your sewing! ^^ Sewing lolita is what made me really get into making clothes too.

  4. hahaha rule breakers unite!! It's great to know there are so many loli sewers x3

  5. 6, 8, 9, and 10 for the super win!

  6. Yes! Lolita is just such a great style ~v~