Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Favorite Thrift Haul So Far ~!

Hey, everyone! Today I took a trip to my favorite thrift store again~! Though I originally wanted to find some cute t-shirts for this summer, I ended up straying from that plan however and getting a bunch of other stuff!

polkadot tank top , faux leather skort (do you guys remember skorts? Skirts with shorts~! I love that I won't havew to layer bloomers under these!),Adorable hearts and stripes sheets (to use as fabric~), A care bear, a super derpy and adorable unicorn pillow, some wonderful pink sandal wedges, and my absolute favorite find, platform sneakers~! The total for this haul was $18.05, a bit more expensive than my other ones, but I think it was worth it! I was amazed to find platform sneakers in my size as well, since recently I've really been wanting some!

Heres a better picture of them ~

I've washed them now so they're not as dirty anymore! I'm super excited to wear them now ;A;!

Even though the sneakers were my favorite find, I'm so happy with everything! I know I'll get a lot of use out of the pink sandals and the black skort! I'm glad I got at least one top, and I picked up a care bear to start my collection of those, as well as added a charming unicorn pillow to my collection! I'm also thinking about how to use the cute sheet~. I feel like today was the Thrift Day of Laffi or something!

Have any of you guys gotten cool things while thrifting lately? I love seeing others thrift finds ;u;!

Thanks for looking~!


  1. Today must've been 'awesome thrift day' cuz you saw the sheets I got XD
    Cool finds! Congrats!
    The thrifts around here always have so much Carebears stuff @_@ It's too bad I don't collect them. I have too many collections already ^^;;

  2. I guess so! yay for awesome thrift days!! I love all the things you collect! I am eternally jealous of your amazing unicorn collection!

  3. Very cute fabric and pillow!~

    What thrift store do you go to? I tend to go to the Goodwills that are near me or Last Chance Thrift Store on Peachtree Industrial.

  4. Ohh!~ Jealous (>u< )~ I haven't been thrifting latley, but I've definatly been meaning to D:
    I'll probably end up doing a huge thrifting adventure in Boston later this summer with a friend~ I'll definatly post about it (>u< )

  5. @Sasha C ~ I go to Metro Thrift in Lawrenceville which is a branch of Last Chance Thrift store, I believe ;v;

    @Princess Gigglesnort - Ooooh! I'll definitely be looking forward to that post! :D!

  6. I went op-shopping last weekend, and ended up spending $51... xD;;
    It was worth it though, I got some really cute stuff. <33
    Also, I want those sneakers! ;3;

  7. I would love to see the things you got! :D II'm really loving these sneakers myself *A* <3

  8. awww! I want the care bear and unicord pillow! So funny! And the platform sneakers were SO COOL! :O

  9. I love them! there are always great toys at that thrift store! And aren't they?! I'm so so so happy about them!

  10. Those are such great finds! I went thrifting with my friends on Monday and got some great things! I've been planning on doing a post on it! :3

  11. Oh! Can't wait to see what you got :D!