Friday, June 3, 2011

Lolita Outfit Post Time! ~ Tomorrow Is International Lolita Day ~!

For those who don't know, ILD is a semianual holiday celebrated by lolitas! theres no set way to celebrate it, but meetups are usually planned and people are urged to dress up. I'm excited for it! Last ILD, I went out with a few of my friends and hung out around the Mall of Georgia. This time, I think I'll be going to a meetup, so I want to wish you all a happy lolita day a little bit early! If I'm not able to go to the meetup, I'm hoping I can use up some of my extra fabric laying around to make a few cute decorations for my computer desk. I think lolita day is a perfect day to pamper yourself by doing whatever you would like to! What are you guys planning on doing this ILD ;u;?

I also wanted to share my lolita outfits from..I think...March (wow, I've been lazy about this!) with you all! So there are quite a few below xD. Enjoy!


3-17-11 (St. Patrick's day xD)


4-28-11 (I was a bum and hardly dressed up at all during april xD)




Since then I've pretty much worn the outfit from the 21st once or twice again so I didn't take pictures xD I think I might basically wear the outfit from the 22nd again for tomorrow, but who knows! ;u;~

Thanks for looking, I hope you all have a lovely lolita day tomorrow!


  1. Happy ILD! :) The girls in my city are meeting Sunday instead of Sat out of conveiance for everyone, but we'll still be in the spirit of things. xD We are going to have some snacks and watch Kamikaze Girls.

    I am a bit nervous because this is my first meet up and I don't know anyone. @_@ and none of my friends like Lolita as much as I do...soooo I'll be going solo! eep!

  2. :) cute outfits! :D Then I am definitely going to dress in Lolita tomorrow :)

  3. @Angel ~ that sounds like such a fun time! Good luck with your first meet up :D Try to have lots of fun and be yourself ;u;!

    @Churi ~ Thank you! It's awesome to see lots of people dressing up for ILD :>!

  4. The third coordinate is just love! Your bonnet looks so cute :3
    I'm so unprepared for ILD. I don't think anything's being organized around here, so I planned on sorting out something-- then forgot to XD

  5. Happy ILD, Laffi! X3 All of your co-ordinates are adorable. Have fun on your outing! <3

  6. @Spiffykidd - Thank you! hahahah xD you should take a day to relax! I love do nothing days ;u;.
    @Shenae - Aww, thank you so much! I will :>! <3

  7. Very cute outfit post! I like the mint or blue x pink combinations! Your hairstyle on 5/8/11 is awesome! I wish I could get my hair to do that T_T

  8. All your outfits are so cute:D. I honestly have nothing at all to do on lolita day. Probably gonna go shopping with my mama and sisters and eat alot of chocolate.

    PS. Where are your RHS? In your pics you almost never wear them....I think.

  9. @クリス ~ Thank you! I just pinned it up in the back kind of like how I would imagine Cinderellas hair is done ;v;.
    @ExplodingBubbles ~ Thanks so much! Any time with chocolate is a fun time x)! I guess since I wore them so often last year, I need to recharge LOL. I'll definitely try to wear them more in the future, I'm starting to miss them too xD

  10. Wonderful outfits as always! ^_^♥
    I hope you have a great ILD with your friends~!♥

    As for me, I actually celebrated it today! Since tomorrow is expected to be rainy, and I have to baby sit my little cousins. Dx

    But it was super nice! I had a picnic by myself in the park and I just took some time to relax, eat, read, and do a little sketching. :3♥
    ...Then I spent the rest of it playing video games. xD

  11. Aw thank you! I hope I do as well <33!

    That sounds like *such* a lovely day~! It's great that you enjoyed yourself :D!

  12. I am ordering that exact same bodyline carousel skirt. Just in black. It has been my favorite for a long time.

    It looks super cute on you!