Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update and Nails for July 2011 ☆ミ!

Sorry for being gone so long! I've basically not been doing much anything at all lately, other than being at home and occasionally going out with family and friends~! On Thursday, I met up with Caylee from like candy floss and we went out to shop a bit, eat pho and attend a free SunO party! SunO is a shop that sells flavored shaved ice with lots of yummy toppings! I'm not sure how many locations there are, but I think they're only in Georgia. If you're interested in seeing some pictures, you can check out Caylee's post about it here~ I still need to get a proper camera to take pictures xD

Anyways, I want to share for you my nail art for July! I know it's not July yet, but I was ready to change them~ plus they were chipping a lot and that never looks good xD

Do you guys like them? Looking at them, I think I would rather have put black dots on my ring finger and white on my index finger, but oh well! I really like the way the stripes look, they sort of remind me of candy! I keep thinking of the song Fantasy Candy by Aira Mitsuki when I look at them xD!

Thanks for looking! ☆ミ

(P.S. More 30 day lolita challenge coming soon ~)


  1. Guuuurrrrl, you need to paint my nails since I'm too lazy lately. xD Yours always turn out so cute~

    Oh, and I received my Full Moon deco package yesterday -- turns out I actually asked for Registered Mail. >> /derp

  2. Aw that would be fun! Thank you ;v;
    And awesome :D are you going crazy decoing everything xD?

  3. Haha I'm working on decoing my camera for now. :D I mainly ordered smaller stuff for nails, but a lot of it works for full-sized items too.
    I'm gonna make another order soon actually, so lemme know if there's anything you wanna get! <3

  4. OOOh, can't wait to see when thats done!! I will OvO!

  5. super cute nails! i wish i could grow them long ;3;

  6. Thank you!! :D! I love having long nails ;v;! <3