Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day 11! One day of my life in pictures ~

Hello, hello~! Day 11 of the lolita challenge asks me to show one day of my lolita life in pictures~
The only thing is, it's way too hot to wear lolita right now xD. I'm wearing a more fairy kei coordinate, but I think that should be fine ;u;! Most of the pictures are taken by either me or my little brother, some my step dad took. I didn't take pictures of EVERYTHING anyways, This is what a typical day is like for me~

★ Day 11 - One day of your lolita life in pictures ★

First off, I wake up and get ready for the day! Lately, I've mostly been at home in my pajamas, but today I got dressed because I had plans to meet with caylee again~!

Tops ~ bodyline, thrifted
Shorts ~ forever 21
Bow belt thing ~ handmade
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, taobao,
Socks ~ offbrand

I usually am lazy in my room for a while after I wake up, and play with my stuffed animals or just lay around listening to music~

It's always unicorn time guys ;v;

After that I have breakfast (no picture, sorry ;^;) and it's to the computer I go!

I wish I could fit it in my room xD it would look much prettier ;u;

After a while, I get bored of staring at my computer screen and do something mess with my little brother ;v;

(Laffi used Foot in Face!It was extremely effective)

watch TV

Sailor Moon forever! xD

Or maybe read~

Or play a video game ;v;

I'm so lame, I only play gamecube games with our wii xD viva gamecube~!

I might draw as well, but I've filled my sketchbook so no pictures of that xD

I usually spend the day going between those activities and eating, but today I had plans to go to the mall with caylee, so we went! She had to leave early, but we still managed to have a lot of fun and look at lots of cute things! Someone asked me what character I was cosplaying, which was weird today because I feel like I'm in normal clothes haha xD. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera to take pictures while I was in the mall, but I ended up buying a cute letter set and Kirarin Revolution pencil (did anyone else love kirarin revolution ;u;?)

(Yikes terrible quality. Sorry about that!)

After I left the mall, I went with my family to the supermarket ~

(Sorry it's blurry, my little brother snapped it in motion.)

After the store, we had to run to fedex to fax something, no pictures of inside, we pretty much just waited around haha.

After that, we walked over to Joannes which happens to be next door and I found this beauty *v*

This unicorn fabric is amazing! Not only are there unicorns and shooting stars, but it's super glittery! I was only able to get a half yard today, but I plan on going back and getting enough to make a JSK and bloomers with! I'll probably make bows and cut outs with the piece I have now.

After all of this, I retire to my office (hehehehe) and spend too much time on the internet.

(getting the photos together for this post ;u;)

Usually after I get offline I watch TV for a while and then sleep xD

So that's both my typical lazy day and my busy day xD! Thank you for looking ~!


  1. No one likes a foot to the face. D':
    At least your day is somewhat productive, I only draw and sleep on a lazy day orz

  2. That's the point muahahahaha!
    Drawing and sleeping are good things to do though ;u;!

  3. That was so cute. And I'm jealous of the length your nails can grow. Mine usually start to break and tear at the length of 3 millimeters TT3TT

  4. Haha thanks! Do you use nail hardening base coats? I used them for a long time, and it always helped my nails get stronger ;u;. Stronger nails grow longer! ;u;!

  5. Oh man I bother my sister with a foot to the face or a random wiggle dance. Ahh siblings.

    You're also that much more awesome because you're playing Zelda AND you liked Kirarin Revolution.

    I seriously need to catch up on this 30 day challenge. I'm seriously slacking u__u

  6. Lovely! I just had this post a few days ago myself... Really funny to do :D

  7. @クリス ~ HAHA! I love bothering my little brother
    :D! I also like to do derpy dances around him that catch him off guard xD Also, yaya for the zelda and kirarin club! lol! <3
    @Churi chan ~ it really is a fun post! <3

  8. Awww lovely outfits you have there :3 and i loveee your nailss! :D


  9. Im trying to find lolita here... but I cant find it :( kawaii... yes.... lolita... no, you need a skirt or dress ;)