Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sharing some more art~! Dream Sky Girl ☆ミ!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great lolita day yesterday! I'm posting to show a picture I just finished. The actual image is pretty large, so click on the smaller version to get to the fullsize on my DA.

Dream Sky Girl ☆ミ!

Do you guys like it? I've been prety obsessed with AP's Dream Sky print since the previews were up, and I really wanted to draw it! It was my first time drawing a print. All done in photoshop 7 with a mouse. I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring this, so I hope you all like it! ;u;!

Thanks for looking~
(P.S I promise I'll finish up the 30 day challenge soon ;v;!)


  1. Ohhh!~ Glad to see a mouse artist (>u< )~ I drew with a mouse for such a long, I totally appreciate the hardwork and time it takes to do art with a mouse (>u< )
    This is super cute!~!
    (And I'm adding you on DA <3 Although a majority of what I draw is shirtless men (=u=;; )...Just, fyi. )

  2. Yeah, it really is a pain! I want to get a tablet, but that probably won't happen for a while xD I'll add you back! thanks for the heads up though lol <3

  3. Is such a cute work,I like it! You did an awesome work with the details!

  4. @iomoo - thank you so much!

    @missvermilion - Thanks! I'm glad you like it ;u;~

  5. GOD you're talented!:O Great work!:D

  6. Thank you all so much ;A;!! <3

  7. Whoa, you did a great job! I can't believe you only used a mouse! Not even a tablet! :O

  8. Thank you! and yeah, it took such a long time xD I had so much fun with it though.