Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day 9 and 10 & June 2011 Nails ☆ミ!

Hey, everyone! I'm finally going to pick up the lolita challenge again with day 9 ;u;.

★Day 9: 10 things you would never do in lolita★

Thinking about it, there's not much that I wouldn't do in lolita! Only a few obvious things that would ruin my clothes or where it would be completely inappropriate.

☆ One ~ Participating in any sporting event. I'm not big on sports, I actually dislike playing most sports with a passion xD Me playing any sport in itself is a bit outlandish, and I could never imagine doing so in lolita!

☆ Two ~ Swimming. It's a big obvious but why would I ever jump into a pool in lolita? xD I wouldn't want to swim in any other clothes either, that's what bathing suits are for! Ironically we have a lolita river tubing meet up coming up, thought I'm pretty sure most of us will show up with our swim suits handy.

☆ Three ~ Gardening. That's just a mess waiting to happen.

☆ Four ~ Exploring. I mean like running through the jungle type exploring. I can understand going into woods or abandoned buildings for photo shoots, but swinging on vines tarzan-style and tree climbing is probably not a good idea.

☆ Five ~ Taking care of animals. I don't mean hanging around with your pet, but if you're working at an animal shelter or anything like that, it's probably not a bright idea xD.
☆ Six ~ Going to an amusement park. If I'm walking around in a place where food is thrown everywhere and grease from riding roller coasters is easily transferred onto your clothes,wearing lolita would probably not be my first priority :P.

☆ Seven ~ Traveling. You and I both know that having one or two waistbands gets extremely uncomfortable after awhile, especially when you're sitting down. No matter how I look at it, wearing a full lolita coordinate while traveling is a bad idea.

☆ Eight ~ Intense cleaning. Dirt, dust, and grime along with pretty, expensive clothes? Nahhh.

☆ Nine ~ Going to a funeral. I just don't think it's very appropriate.

☆ Ten ~ Meeting with people who are uncomfortable with you in lolita. If they really don't like it, the least you could do would be not to wear it around them.

So that's that! 10 things I would never do in lolita ;u;.

★Day 10: Whats in your bag?★

Instead of taking tons of pictures, I decided to do a video of all the things in my bag. It's not all super cutesy stuff, but please enjoy anyways!

And last but not least, Here are my nails for June! I really like the blue sparkly polish (It looks more minty, actually). I was trying to draw stars, but they came out super messy xD Oh well! What do you guys think? Know any surefire ways to get perfect stars?

Thanks for looking ~ !


  1. That was such a cute video ^^ It's always fun to know what someone's voice sounds like. I must say... your voice sounds a lot more mature than your actual age. I love how you everything in your bag is in style with your lolita. Wish I could make cute video's... but unfortunately I do not own a camera. And I spend every month almost all my money on lolita TT3TT

  2. I'm glad you liked it :D! It's weird to hear my voice on recording, I keep wondering if thats how I always sound xD! Thanks so much ;u;! I need to get my hands on a camera as well, I use my moms or stepdad's phone most of the time;;;

  3. hello! I just love your blog <3 I have some questions.
    question number one: When did you dress like you do now? (in lolita?)
    question number two, it was difficult in the beginning?

  4. Hi! and thank you ;u;. I started dressing lolita when I was 13 years old, and it was definitely difficult in the beginning! It's difficult now too! My wardrobe is still really small, but it helps to know how to sew ;u;. I hope I've helped ^^

  5. hello! has some tips if you want to dress in lolita? For example, as you do. I want to dress in lolita, but I dare note. do not know what my friends and family will like it.
    ps: I love your blog <3

  6. Hm, well if you're afriad that yout family and freinds won't like it, you should show them the clothes onlike and ask what they think! If they don't like it at all, explain that you do and you would love to dress this way whatever it takes. Your friends should be able to accept it as something you like, and if they don't, then maybe it's time to find new friends ;). If you would like, I could do a post about the issue in the near future!

  7. You are such an adorable lolita! I think people who can wear lolita or anything different than usual Western clothing have a lot of courage and style. :)

  8. Aw, that's really sweet of you to say! thank you so much ^u^ <3!

  9. hello. it would be nice. I'll ask my dad if I ever can get it in fancy type. but that my friends will accept it, that I think they do not think it will go. because I was with my childhood friend for a while and then I had a lolita picture as background image on your computer and she asked what it was for something that she is the girl was wearing, then I said it was a style called lolita and she started laughing and said she looked like a baby. but I said I loved the style and I like to wear the style at some point. but she said only that she could not understand how I could love like that, then she said something else that I do not remember. Then I went from there. is this a problem?

  10. Hello! I'm a new follower.
    I think your blog is very nice (^O^)

  11. @amanda_kattenfelix - I don't think it's a problem! It's natural to think it's odd when seeing it for the first time. As long as your friend is okay with you having the interest it shouldn't be a problem. She might be embarrassed by it too, but that's okay! if she would prefer you don't wear it around her then don't ;u;. Friends are worth more than fashion so sometimes you need to make compromises.

    @Sarah - Hi! Thanks for following ;u; <3 I'm glad you like it :D!

  12. ok then I know. thanks for the help. think that your blog is cute.

  13. I so agree at the most of your things at the day nine post:P ANd it was SO funny to watch you "alive" on the video:D I really want you to make more of those :D

  14. Haha I'll definitely try to make more videos in the future! I'm glad people seem to be enjoying it :DD <3

  15. Hi darling! I really like your blog!
    I hope that you will follow mine too ^^.

  16. Hi~! Your blog is really cute! I'm following you now ;u; ~ <3

  17. Hi ! I am answering your comment on my blog here (:
    The service of Janet Store is great. I've shopping from her twice and can't be more satisfied. I just don't buy more letter sets because I only have one paypal so I don't need them xD But I'm thinking of "collecting" them anyway and I guess I found the righ store (:
    If you'll ever made a Haul post let me know ^^

    And oh ! Your bag *-* I love Little Twin Stars :3 they are my favourite from Sanrio and Rilakkuma from San-X ^^
    You have really adorable things there. Very cute ^^

  18. * I mean penpal instead of paypal xD

  19. I'm really excited to get my order! I'll make a post here so I'l lelt you know when I do x3! hehehe we ave the same favorite characters! I got four things from Janet Store and they alterneated "little twin stars, rilakkuma, little twin stars, rilakkuma" x)!

  20. Oh I'll check your post then ^^
    I also love Cinnamoroll and Sugar bunnies, these 4 are absolutely my favourite ones <3

  21. Aw i like those ones too x3! They're so cute~!