Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing for school ~ Marie Antoinette JSK!

Hello ~! In an earlier post, I mentioned I had something exciting coming up to share with you all!
Well, here it is!
A month or so ago, I walked into my AP world History class and was told that instead of a traditional final exam, we were going to have to pick a historical figure who was important to history and write a five page essay on them. I had thought Marie Antoinette sounded like a fun and easy subject matter. And then I read the second part of the project and completely set my heart on her!

"Create a costume reminiscent of the figure you chose..."

I was so excited at that point! I come to school early the next day to sign up (I wanted to get Marie Antoinette no matter what!) And I got her! Excited, I began sketching the dress I would create for her. And then I left it alone until a good week before it was due (I had other priorities, okay? xD?).

Anyways, the project was due today and through all of my procrastination, I got it done~! I'm pretty insanely proud of the dress, since it's the first JSK I've made that fits me decently (not perfectly, but I still need to practice and improve!) and I'm going to share it with you all!

Here's the original sketch ~

I didn't originally wanted to make it only slightly lolita, but as deadlines approached I decided to stick to what I was familiar with and made it more Marie Antoinette inspired lolita. You can see that I drew this on the back on the assignment paper;;; xD.

And a progress picture~
I started this dress late Saturday night and finished it on Sunday around 5:00 PM ;v;. This picture was probably around 2:00 PM. My face is blocked because I looked terrible from spending all day sewing xD.

This is the outfit I wore today~! A lot of people told me I looked like Princess Peach or Sleeping Beauty which totally made me happy xD.

This is just me derping around a bit. Don't worry, you guys, I know she never said that! It just seemed so appropriate ~

And another nice picture! I think you can see details in the top of the JSK the best from here ;v;.

I had some sewing machine drama while making it though ( All of my needles broke x~x), so the golden accents are all held on with hot glue ;~;. Hopefully, I can sew them on properly soon.

I think I got a good grade! My teacher did say she expected a bird cage or boat in my hair though xD.

So what do you guys think~? I'm really happy with it!

Thanks for looking~ ☆


  1. Your outfit is really cute! Like I said....open a shop for our poor unfortunate souls! I thinks funny how you procrastinated though and it still came out looking great! Hope you got a good grade :D

  2. Thank you! I'll consider it! The actual construction leaves a lot to be desired though xD.

  3. Who cares about the minor details, this is incredible *__*
    You've got some talent, girl! <3
    Also, I love your hairstyle. Your hair looks a similar length to mine so it's given me some inspiration XD

  4. I'm glad you think so!! thank you ;A;! <3

    I'm always confused with what to do with my hair since the length is so short, I'm glad this turned out okay!!

  5. You do look cute and a whole lot like Princess Peach! I love it and hope you get a good grade! ^^

  6. aww so lovely your new dress *_*!!!

  7. It turned out really cute, great job! I wish you did the princess sleeves, those are my favorite!

  8. So cute! I wish I knew how to sew like you :)!~

  9. @Audrey - Thank you!! I didn't notice until people started saying so, But I think its a good thing hahaha!

    @natsi - Aww thank you!

    @Hanabira Keiko - Thanks! I wish I had done them as well ;~;. I haven't ever made fitted sleeves though, and since I was on a deadline I didn't want to experiment and figure out how to make them. I do have extra fabric left over, so I might add them sometime!

    @Sasha - Thank you!! ;v;!.

  10. That is super adorable, good job!!! :D

  11. Thanks thea! I really like your chiton btw, its so gorgeous!

  12. Hehe~ thank you, it is nothing compared to your cute dress though ;3; <3

  13. Awww, you're so sweet ;A;! We need to have that sleepover soon!