Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Days Six and Seven!

Hello~! Since blogger was down the other day, I'll be playing catch up with both day six and seven!

★Day 6 - 10 things you can't live without in lolita★

☆ One ~ Bloomers! I have become addicted to bloomers xD. I wear them under every skirt all the time when I'm out - lolita or not! I wear my bloomers around the house as well! I only have two pairs though, so I need to make more for myself soon.

☆ Two ~ Petticoats~! You and I both know it's just not as lolita without them!

☆ Three ~ Support. Without my family and friends support in wearing lolita, I wouldn't be able to. I really admire all of the lolis out there that wear it despite their parents wishes or the support of their families.

☆ Four ~ Detachable pieces. I love detachable sleeves! I can wear a blouse in all weather because of them ;A;. Bows that I can take off and pin everywhere are always cool too ;u;! Also, detachable waist ties can be used for making matching accessories!

☆ Five ~ Shoes. Lolita shoes are just so cute and perfect! I wish I had more than I do, I suppose I'll just have to improve my shoe collection over time.

☆ Six ~ Waist ties on JSKs. I don't really need skirt waist ties since I like blouses that have ruffles or detail on the bottom, so I don't tuck in my blouses. JSKs don't always fit me though, and sometimes they're a bit big. I'm glad that I can use the waist ties to get them to fit me better ;u;!

☆ Seven ~ Money LOL. Without money you probably have as much lolita as I do (not much lol). I really need to find a way to make some money in the near future ;~;. Hopefully I can find a job over summer, but most places only hire at 16 or 18 x~x.

☆ Eight ~ Accessories! Accessories really tie your coord together ;u;. I'm not one whos big on jewelry, but I really like the look of multiple wrist cuffs and plastic jewlery~. Hopefully I can order some from chocomint in the near future~

☆ Nine ~ Layers. I really love to layer xD. You can find so many ways to layer on more and more in lolita, so it's a great winter style! In summer, you can always go blouseless or sockless etc. to keep cool too ;u;.

☆ Ten ~ Inspiration! Without all of the beautiful, inspirational lolitas around, it would be much harder to be one! That also brings me to~~

★Day 7 - 10 people who inspire your lolita style★

☆ One~ Julie Doll! I love her style to bits and pieces, both her Lolita and non lolita styles inspire me *A*.

☆ Two ~ Kyandi! I love her casual cute style *A*! She's also a huge inspiration for me with Fairy Kei!

☆ Three ~ Mochi of Kawaiigoods! I love her style, coordinates, and cute accessories!

☆ Four ~ Shelby Cloud. Her coordinates are all so so so adorable! I also really love her youtube videos!

☆ Five ~ Wunderfluff. Not only are her outfits the cutest thing ever, but shes super sweet and totally awesome ;A;!

☆ Six ~ Rinrin! She's just so cute and I love love love her style *A*!

My favorite coordinate by her *A*~~!

☆ Seven ~ Cadney! How can anyone not love her~? Shes so sweet and her outfits are way too amazing!!

☆ Eight ~ Kammie! I love kammie~ she's super sweet and makes the cutest accessories! I love her themed outfits, like this spotty dotty themed one!

☆ Nine ~ Kasumi Pai! Okay, this girl is adorable and I love her outfits so so so so so much. ;A;. Just look at this cuteness!

☆ Ten ~ Whipcreambunn! I love her so much as well! She looks adorable to the max in sweet and absolutely stunning in gothic ;A;.

So that's ten! These aren't in any particular order by the way ;u;!

Thanks for looking ~


  1. I love bloomers. <3 They're so comfortable and pretty all at once.
    Thanks for linking to the video--the tips were really interesting and helpful.

  2. Aren't they lovely? Love bloomers~!
    No problem! you should check out the rest of her channel, she has some wonderful tips!

  3. awwww you are too sweet! >w</ thanks!

  4. You're just so inspirational! <3!

  5. Wait,,, how come I just see this?!
    Thank you so much Puff!!! You look adorable in EVERYTHING <3~

  6. Of course! <3 and thank you x3 <333