Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Day Five! Wishlist time!

Day five has finally arrived! I've been really looking forward to this post!! I have so many items saved in my wishlist folder on my computer, this will be a really hard list to make *A*. I hope you all enjoy it :D! Lots of Angelic Pretty heading your way!

First off is this mysterious new dress by AP! It's been taking the sweet lolita community by storm today with appearances on tumblr, facebook, blogger, and livejournal. Sadly, theres no name for it yet, or any information whatsoever. The pictures are supposedly factory leaked photos. I'm completely taken by this OP though! It's the first OP I've ever wanted! I love every color way, I think I'll strive to collect them all!

Second is pink Milky Planet skirt! I don't really like the way the JSK's top is, but I love the print so much. I love ice cream and these colors and the details of this print are just amazing~!

Starry Night Theater gets third place! I adore circus motifs and when this JSK came out I died! I love it so much! I love the black strapless version of this print the best (I love the tulle accents *u*) and I hope to own it one day *A*!

Fourth place gets Jewelry Jelly. At first It wasn't my favorite, but after seeing so many local lolis rock it so hard it's grown on me completely and filled me with love for it xD. Especially in the mint colorway!

Candy Fairy is in fifth place! I love all of the dot tulle details. I think I'm more of a fan of the blue & pink skirt, but I happen to have this photo on hand already ;u;.

Sixth place is Angel Pony skirt in blue! I love the star and pony cutouts *A*. The scallops and pompom trim (I know it's tacky, but maybe that's why I like it so much xD) scream cuteness to me!

Seventh place goes to this Sugary Carnival hoody put out in 2010 along with the re-release. I was never a super fan of SC, but once I saw this hoody I fell in love with it! I like it the best in pink and black! Hopefully i'll be able to fine one once I can afford one ;v;.

As for eighth place, to continue with the SC series, I am a huge fan of these socks. I didn't think I would include socks in here, but these deserve mention! I have loved these socks since the original release, and the re-release just fueled my love even more! Need to get my hands on these someday!

In ninth place, I believe this is a second version of a Dreamy Doll House salopette. I think it comes with a matching over-skirt as well ;u;. by far my favorite salopette by AP *A*.

Tenth is Pop Day JSK! I really love this series! I love the mint colorway of this as well~! I've seen it around for cheapish on auction sites, so even if it's tenth I'll probably aquire it more quickly than some of the others xD.

I could post so many more items! I'll stop at 10 since thats the challenge's request though xD! I hope you enjoyed my wishlist!

Thanks for looking ~ ☆ミ


  1. That's one seeeeriously sweet wishlist *o*;; Not a too big fan of sweet myself, but Milky Planet in the black colourway still has a special place in my heart for some reason.. Heh. XD I hope you'll be able to get some of these! =D

  2. I really is xD! I really like black milky planet!! I like every milky planet LOL :>! I hope I'll be able to get a few too *u*!

  3. I love how colourful your wishlist is <3 Jewelry jelly in mint is on my dreamed up wishlist too, but I love my black version almost as much.

    After reading your entries, I have decided to do the 30 day challenge as well~!

  4. Thank you1 I really love it to haha xD I keep imagining how great my closet would look with it in there *v*! The black version is LOVELY! It's actually my second choice ;v;!

    I'm so glad! I'm excited to read your challenge entries!!

  5. I agree with you, everything in your list are awesome! <3

  6. Thank you thea! I miss you ;A; <333

  7. That Pop Day JSK is so cute~! I haven't seen that series yet, I must go look it up!
    I hope you can eventually get everything you want on your wishlist ^^

  8. Our styles are really different, but it's always fun seeing what lolitas with different tastes dream of wearing. :) Actually, I think I would wear the Candy Fairy dress, if I were to wear sweet. It's so pretty and detailed, in a delicate way.