Sunday, May 1, 2011

A quick update: Thrift Haul and Birthday Meetup!

Hi everyone! Despite an extremely boring and uneventful week full of schoolwork, I had a lot of fun this weekend! On Friday I walked to Goodwill from my school ( I didn't even know there was a Goodwill anywhere close to me! I was like"Mind. Blown.") And got a few really cute things! No clothes, but an adorable new stuffed animal who I named Mimi (I named her before I even bought her LOL), a cute pink heart shaped container to help organize my desk, and a necklace with adorable moon and star cutouts!

Really cute stuff right? The total was exactly $5 too, which was awesome since thats the budget I set for myself xD.

Saturday was Mana Starre's birthday party, which we spent with a few friends from school and bunch of ATL lolitas eating SunO, pho and samples at Super Hmart! Afterwards we went to Karaoke. Even though had to leave karaoke an hour earlier than planned I think everyone managed to have a lot of fun :D. After Karaoke, the group went back to SunO and we pretty much took over the entire restaurant xD. The birthday girl and few friends who were her ride had to leave, and the rest of us left SunO after eating and stood around for a while until the group fizzled down to just a few ;u;. We went to a Korean BBQ for dinner and I tried squid for th first time ever ;A;! I had such a great day and I was so glad to hang out with the ATL Lolitas again since I haven't seen most since Momocon x~x. I don't have a camera (yet!!!) so I don't have any pictures of my own, but once others are up I'll try to post some :D! I only have my outfit picture~

Which I themed "80's Disco Pop Barbie"~
skirt&top are handmade, accessories and tights are handmade/offbrand, socks are bodyline, shoes are secret shop.

and a close up shot~

I really like how my hair turned out haha xD. I never knew I could get it to be that...big! xD.

Thanks for looking you guys!I need to go sew forever, and memorize things for school now lol. Have a nice Sunday ~!


  1. We have the same pink Build a Bear unicorn! *squee*

  2. Ohh~ So cute!~ I'm glad you had a good time, and I hope Mana Starre had a nice birthday (>u< )!~

  3. I hope she did too :D It certainly seemed like she was having fun ;u;