Sunday, April 24, 2011

Laffi Love MAKEUP!! ~EGL Transformation Theme~

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to do one, but then I really got the urge to dress up and do my makeup and look nice :D! So why not make a transformation post? I would have made one long video (I have two short ones for you!), but I wanted to show what my hair looks like before it's straightened hahaha. It's a complete mess! Without further ado, lets transforrrrm!

Here I am, just after I woke up. My hairs a mess ;~;. Gotta go shower~

So here I am, right out of the shower, my hair is CRAZY and my makeup isn't done. In a camisole and bloomers.

I don't look very happy, right ;^;?

A good amount of minutes later, my makeup is done! That makes me a lot happier ;u; (I had so much fun taking derpy pictures you don't even know. This isn't even half;;;)

And LIKE MAGIC, my hair turns from a hot mess into a sleek dream ~ (I wish xD)

a less derpy picture xD

What to do now? Oh yeah! put my clothes onnn!

sorry for blurry picture!

Blouse ~ Bodyline
Bustier ~ thrifted
Skirt ~ Dream of Lolita (DOL)
Socks ~ offbrand
Shoes ~ Secret Shop
Accessories ~ Prettypopdesigns, DOL, Mintymix, handmade, offbrand

Everything piled on my head xD

And heres a short video of the outfit ;u;! derped around a lot haha. The skirt is dreamy dollhouse replica. There are so many bunnies and bunny ears on it, I figured it would be perfect for an easter outfit! I couldn't find my bunny ears, but the huge mokomoko bow by Pretty Pop Designs gives a similar effect, I think! ( I took the video because the iPad takes horrible pictures from the other side x~x. The videos show a lot better then an image would have ;u;)

One last head shot~

And yet another short video!

I look completely different before and after O~O;;;. Don't you agree?
Bye bye everyone~! I hope you enjoyed it ;u;. Happy Easter everyone!

(P.S. I usually use my moms iPhone 4 to take pictures and things, but I used my stepdads iPad 2 for this post. sorry that the quality is different x~x.)


  1. WAAAAAA, it's a SM transformation right before my eyes~!! :O

  2. Your voice is really cute! What shopping service did you use to get Dreamy Dollhouse skirt? I'm looking for a good one but can't find any other then Clobba and they don't have this haha

  3. @Donni - hehehe xD I wish I could make an IRL sm treansformation video! Wouldn't that be so awesome? ;A?

    @ExplodingBubbles - Aw thank you xD! Used Taobaonow ;u;. I ordered last summer and things were fine, but I think they stopped taking paypal now ;~;. I know of taobaospree but I've never used them :P. Good luck!

  4. So cute!~ I wish I could do a transformation video, but I really don't have much in the way of Lolita coords enough that I feel comfortable to post myself all over the internet (>u<;; )...
    I'm not even very active on EGL anyway (=u= But maybe over the summer that'll all changge~

    Also - Props to you for straightening your hair every day! Eek. I have curly mixed kid hair, but it's more like my moms than my dads. It takes 2 hours to straighten it though because of how long it is and how thick it is (>n< )~ Jealous of your quick straighten short haiiirr~

    Thanks for sharing!~☆

  5. It would be awesome to see one from you if you ever decide to!

    And thank you xD. I actually straighten it every other day though, since I don't want to kill it quite yet xD. I wish my hair was longer, but it does this mysterious thing where the roots will grow, but the length won't really change xD


  6. I think this is my favorite theme yet! Really like how you did your makeup with the diamantes and all :D

    By the way, I'm having a giveaway for a free full-size Urban Decay eyeliner pencil on blog:

    Feel free it check it out :3

  7. Happy (Late) Easter! ^^
    Yesterday, I wore all pink! I wanted to go a little hime-Lolita, but I wasn't sure if that'd be appropriate for church. Plus, the heels I wanted to wear wouldn't have survived the hiking afterwards, so I look all sweet and frilly on top and then I kill it with jeans! XD

  8. @Ada - It's a really fun theme!! It's really cool to see the transformations ;u;!. Thank you so much ;v;~. Totally checking out your givaway~

    @Audrey - Aw that sound really cute anyways! lol I like seeing those lolita combination coords xD <3
    @Manon - Aw thank you so much ;v;!