Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sharing some art~

Hello everyone!

Not much has been going on with me lately ;u;. School is keeping me exhausted, but only a few more weeks until summer break (so excited)! In the meantime, I have tests to study for and projects to work on though (One of them is pretty exciting, but I'll tell you about that another time~).

Anyways, today I'm going to post a fan-art I did of Creamy Mami the other day! I recently got a new sketch book, and instead of lolita art all around it I've been filling this one up with Sailor Moon and Creamy Mami fan art!
I'm not so great at coloring via computer (or not, honestly xD) so I decided to practice a bit with this ;u;. Hopefully it came out okay~!

What do you think ;u;?

Thanks for looking everyone! Have a wonderful day~ ☆!


  1. That's so cute!! Very nicely done. :)
    You sure do a damn nice vector. Very clean work, I love it!

    Do you have other artwork?

  2. Aw thank you so much! It was my first time coloring like this that that means a lot :D I also don't have a table or anything so I was worried it might look messy from just using a mouse x~x.

    I have a few sketch books full, but I usually stick to that and not digital art so there's not much I can show you! I do have a few others posted on this blog under the "art" tag though ^u^

  3. I think it looks great! I love their outfits! ^^