Tuesday, April 19, 2011

20 Facts About Me!

Hey guys! Nothing too exciting today, I've been focusing on studying a lot lately so life got boring hahaha xD
I'm going to go ahead and do this mini meme ;u;. It seems like fun! I wonder if I can even come up with 20 xD. Oh well;; I'll try! I'm stealing this from Star Princess by the way.

☆ I'm 15 years old, born and raised in Georgia, but I don't really like southern food. Only peach cobbler ;u;.

☆ I'm mixed - half Dominican ( mom) and half Black (dad). even though my mom is Dominican, I don't speak much Spanish at all xD. I'm forced to take it in school, so I understand a lot when family is talking to me/ about me, but I can't respond in Spanish. Thats okay with me though, I never really wanted to speak it xD.

☆ I'm pretty hard headed ;-;. Instead of agreeing to learn Spanish, I started to teach myself Japanese instead. I started teaching myself in 2004 and have been studying it on and off until now. I think I speak enough to be able to get around easily enough, but I wouldn't ever say that I'm fluent! I also have veryyy limited knowledge of Kanji ;~;.

☆ My birthday is September 8th which makes me a Virgo. xD I'm a very Virgo-like Virgo lol! the only trait I find myself lacking is the tendency to exceed in math and science x~x, those are definitely my worst subjects.

☆ Even though I've never considered myself very organised, other people have often told me I am. I keep all my computer files well ordered all the time and have never saved something in a place I couldn't find it later. My room is also relatively organised...most of the time;;;

☆ When I was little, I mostly wore my older brothers hand me downs and hardly got to look girly. That might have something to do with why my room is painted pink and white striped and my closet is full of pastel colors now xD. It also could have nothing to do with it though LOL.

☆ I've never dyed my hair. I have what I commonly refer to as "black people hair", but I perm/relax it. All the hairdressers I've ever went to told me it would fall out if I tried to dye it or get it dyed x~x. So I've never done it lol. I also don't know how I would dye it if I ever wanted to! I like natural hair colors and I think I would want to ever change it too drastically ;u;.

☆ Pink has probably always been my favorite color, but I didn't even own any pink clothes until I got into lolita.

☆ There was a time when I absolutely hated the thought of wearing nail polish and doing my nails and I cut them really short ( they were long like how they are now since before then :P ). But then i felt really bad and began to grow my nails out again and now I can only have them bare for a little while (like, a few days. week at most) before painting them again xD.

☆ I LOVE Disney movies! I love them all so much! There are quite a few that I haven't seen since I was smaaaaall, but I've been trying to re watch them all. My absolute favorite is Sleeping Beauty though. I love Aurora ~! I also love Maleficent :D probably my favorite villain! I also really enjoy non Disney animated children's films. Some of my favorites are Thumbelina, The Swan Princess, and Anastasia.

☆ I have realllly odd music tastes! Some things on my iPod now are Capsule, Aira Mitsuki, Perfume, Marino, Tommy February6, Takako Ohta, Kasumi Koharu, PSG soundtrack, Gwen Stefani, Aqua Timez, and a few other random songs from random places. I used to listen to YUI, UVERWORLD, and a LOT more Hello!Project stuff and more Jpop xD. I basically like girly, sweet sounding music and electronica and techno. I also really do still enjoy all of that pop music that used to play on Radio Disney between like, 99 and 2005 xD. My childhood ~~~ *u*!

☆ I've been wanting to be a fashion designer ever since I stopped wanting to be a firefighter (you know everyone wanted to be a firefighter at some point in their youth!). I've been teaching myself how to sew since I was around 6 or 7 xD. I've only ever had one sewing class, and no one in my family sews, so I still don't know a lot of terminology or technique. I like to craft things as well, but I find a lot more joy in sewing clothes than making accessories.

☆ I started getting into anime around 6th grade, to help with learning Japanese. I pretty much was always all about the shoujo. I've seen ouran high school host club, fruits basket, Kirarin Revolution, Kamichama Karin, Pita Ten, and countless others. Sailor Moon was a pretty big part of my childhood, though. I would probably say the actual first ones I've seen were Sailor Moon, Carpcaptors, and DBZ. I also read a lot of shoujo manga ;u;.

☆ My mom is studying to be a nutritionist and most of what we eat is vegetarian. I miss eating good old fashion junk/snack foods so much ;~;.

☆ I am a total cat person! I love dogs too, but I would love a cat over a dog anyday x3. Something about them is just * A *!! I love them! Unfortunately, my step-dad is allergic to cats, so we're looking for a dog instead ;u;.

☆I sing all the time! I love to sing :D. I'm not the best or anything, I guess I'm okay though haha xD. I'm a huge karaoke addict though ;u;. I'm always singing Disney songs while doing housework ;u;. I can't whistle though ;~;.

☆ I'm 5'4". I always wanted to be at least a little taller though ;~;. I guess I'm okay at the height average though xD.

☆ I love love love love circus themed clothes *u*. It's my favorite theme ever. My dream print is totally AP's Starry Night Theater because it's circus inspired x3

☆ I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I like to keep it on for background noise, though. I use the TV I have in my room to watch Sailor Moon or any movies we have :>. I can also stream from youtube. The only thing I try to watch on actual TV is Adventure Time! I love Adventure time, it's so cute~ ;u;.

☆ I don't have any allergies (except pollen, but pollen bothers everyone)! I'm really happy about that because I love food so so so so much. I can't even elaborate because it's just that simple xD.

Anyways that's all 20! It was really hard for me to think of twenty things about me x~x. It actually took me a little over two hours to come up with it all xD. I hope you guys found this interesting! Thanks for taking a look ;u;!


  1. I think you're taller than me, ahhh I am so short! I'm pescetarian (not sure how to spell it??) so I eat seafood. I thought I liked chicken, but...I grew up vegetarian but it must be hard for you since you're getting use to it. I watch what seems like alot of people but never consider myself a T.V. person since most of what I watch are shows from the early-mid 2000s. I like Adventure Time though!

  2. I love seafood! My step dad is allergic to that too though xD, I grew up vegetarian until I was around 4 years old and tried meat for the first time ;u;. Even then we never ate it all that often so its not so bad ;v;. I love shows from then! adventure time forever ~~~ <3

  3. Ooh, I've been to Georgia! Atlanta, to be precise. Stayed with my family in Lawrenceville.

    I'm also a virgo. Didn't realise you were two years younger than me! :P

    "black people hair" made me grin! Same here. I dye mine jet black though, because the combo of sunlight and relaxer makes it muddy brown. I use a dye without harsh chemicals and it seems to agree with my hair luckily.

    I actually can't believe you're 5'4"-- you look so tall in your photos! I'm 5'6" and I never look like that :L

  4. Thats crazy! I live in Lawrenceville right now xD. We have a lot in common lol! Good to know that my hair won't actually fall out x3. Also I have really long limbs so they make me look taller ;u;. I'm pretty sure I won't be getting any taller anytime soon though xD.




    IT'S LIKE, FATE. OH MY GOSH -freakingout- no one ever has a September birthday, much less the same date! AHH. ALSO I'M MIXED TOO. AND I'M NOT ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING AND I SING A LOT TOO. AND I LOVE DISNEY. (≧▽≦*)

    Only I'm 3 years older than you, yet you're 2 inches taller than me (>u<;; )

    (Can you tell I get easily excited (=ω= )~?)
    I actually started writing this last week, so I might as well finish it and have a post in my super busy madness coming up~

  6. oh my god thats amazing! I've never ever met anyone with my same birthday! :DDD!!! <333 I totally can't wait to read yours >u< <333

  7. I love Circus-themed stuff too, but don't actually own anything in it yet, unfortuneatly~ ; w ;

    I hope you don't mind if I make my own of these fact-thingies! :3

  8. I really want more circusy stuff too! I think it would be so great to wear circus themed lolita often *u*

    Please do make one!!:D!