Friday, April 15, 2011

April 2011 Nails~!

Finally I have a picture of my April Nails!! Or, actually, I had a picture the entire time but didn't remember xD. Apparently, I took a picture a few days after I painted them, never emailed it to myself and forgot about it completely, went to Savannah, chipped my nails, came back, got spray paint all over my nails (art class ;u;) , and pretty much gave up on getting a picture of my nail art for this month xD. Luckily, while scrolling through pictures I had taken I found a decent one :D!
So~ here they are! My nails for the month of April ~

I really did like these while the polish was still intact! I really like yellow and lilac together :D And the polkadots because (in case you couldn't tell;;;) I've been a bit obsessed with polkadots recently xD.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Might be the best ones yet! <3333

  2. U have so cute blog!
    I love it!:*

  3. Aww, so cute! The polka dots confused me for a second and I thought you had done watermelon nails! XD

  4. @Rose - Thank you so much <3!
    @Audrey - Thanks xD! Watermelon nails would be fun to do lol xDD

  5. Ohh so cute!~ I love the bow and polkadot combination (>u< )~ I'm sorry they got messy so quickly (.n. )!~

  6. Aw thank you!! x3! And I really just need to get a better top coat hahaha xD. I just painted my nails again in brighter colors with sparkles to male me feel better about it xD