Monday, November 8, 2010

Wishlist: Shoes (Can you tell I like pink shoes? xD)

Shoes! I really love lolita shoes, even though I only own RHS right now (two pairs from double decker in pink and white!). Ever since I was three years old (or somewhere around there) I have been drawing and loving rounded toed, pink, cute, clunky shoes. I probably won't be buying anytime soon, unfortunately, but I love to keep wishlists and visuals around to remind me of my goals and wants, so heres some loli shoe eye-candy!

First off, with winter coming around, I've been looking at boots. My absolute favorites aree~

These! I don't quite know the name of them, but I have been eyeing them ever since I can remember. To purchase them from clobba is about $77 without shipping, so they're not that bad! Maybe next year, though :P.

Next are some gorgeous "boots" from BTSSB
I've always really liked the effects of boots like these, they just look so "dolly"and cute. It seems like the perfect pair for autumy/wintery coords, especially if you want sweet elegance!

And here are some cute BTSSB booties :3
I adore these for everyday wear, as well as lolita. I think I may need some eventually. Even though I'm not looking forward to buying brand shoes. For the price I would have to pay, and how easily I scuff shoes...yikes. Maybe replicas will come...

I wear heels/platforms every day. Not very high, no more than 3" at most (and its mostly so I don't feel silly on my tiptoes opening my locker;;;) So of course, Loli ones are needed. Some of the ones I've been eyeing recently are below~

First off, A pair of bodyline heels.

I kind of love these shoes xD. They are probably the only bodyline shoes that I like at the moment because I can totally see myself wearing these every single day if I needed too. They are so cute and go with pretty much everything I own! Sadly, they're sold out in the color and size I want them in ;^;.

I don't know what these are called (I've always though of them as high heeled tea parties :P) but, I've wanted them ever since seeing them in a GLB. So cute!

These wedge platforms. I adore them;; I hope I can get them sometime soon!

I also really like the cute scalloping details and the lace up possibilities with them :).

Last, but certainly not least, the so-called essential shoes for any modern day sweet lolita, Tea Parties

Even though I'm not so used to flats anymore, and I may have to stand on my tip toes to reach my locker, I actually have a pair of Secret Shop pink tea parties coming to me! I'm really excited about finally receiving a pair. Coordinating with them will be fun, and if I end up liking the way they look on me, I can hopefully start to collect all the colors! I already want mint, blue, and lavandar ones x3

So, tell me! What loli shoes do you guys own? Are there any you're coveting or looking forward to in the mail soon?

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. I love those btssb booties, those are absolutely precious. I love heels too, if I didn't have to literally run to some classes, I'd wear them every day. I prefer plain pumps or mary jane styles though

  2. Aren't they to die for? I really wish I had some! I'm very much a stickler for OTT sweet and deco styles myself, though simple shoes like that are also lovee <3

  3. Im not into lolita shoes but i love the boots and booties.I love the pink boots need to own a pair.

  4. I really want a pair as well! Maybe someday soon~

  5. There are quite a few BTSSB boots that I want for everyday wear, but my mum won't get me anything from a Lolita brand, even if I want them for everyday wear...I have a pair of high heeled Mary Jane-like shoes from Juicy Couture that look fairly Lolita! :D

  6. My mom is the same, haha. If I even mention a brand name she walks away or changes the subject xD Once I get a job, though~! I wanna see your shoes! they sound cute :3

  7. Maybe, I'll post them on my blog soon :3