Saturday, November 20, 2010

My tiny Closet

A recent "Show your closet" thread on egl got me to take pictures on my lolita closet.

Compared to everyone else's, I have nothing xD I've been in lolita for two years now, and have managed to survive pretty well on 9-10 items somehow. Probably because of my accessories and how I use my "normal" clothes in lolita.

and thats it. (sorry for the weirrrd editing, I haven't painted my closet yet haha)
First two jumperskirts are from bodyline, first two blouses are offbrand, little bustier is also offbrand (I love that thing!) and the pink blouse is bodyline. First three skirts are handmade( the third one is hiding, but you can see the waistband up there!), and then bodylines carousel skirt, and at the end there is my DDH replica.
Thats all I've got after two years, but I would like to think I've managed some awesome coordinates with just that :3
(Check some of them out at my newly created flikr!)

And there are all my accessories and bows, except for two bows which I was wearing at the time I took the picture. I loved having all of my bows and other pretty things strewn out like that. There's also a cute collage I made underneath everything ;3;

What are you guys closets like? I wanna see them! I love looking at closets :D

Thank you for taking as look~


  1. Your lolita closet is much better than mine. I have one dress, one headband, and a top that I'm in the middle of lolita-ing! ^-^ ♥

  2. It'll surely get bigger over time! Good luck :)