Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outfit Post!

Today, I'm going to Miami, Florida to see my grandma over thanksgiving break, so I'm dressed to stay warm and cool at the same time while I'm in the car xD Also, all I've done on the internet today was look at all the fairy-kei images I possibly could, and with that, this outfit was born~

I really want more fairy kei style clothes and things, but no money for that now ;^;

Tops - thrifted, altered, and offbrand
Belts - Target
Skirt - handmade
Tights - from welovecolors.com
Ankle socks - Bodyline
Shoes - Converse all stars
Accessories - Candy earring (hanging from bow) is 6%DOKIDOKI, handmade and offbrand, some mintymix, black starry bow is from sgtspud,

Thats all for today~
Thank you for looking! ^^/