Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Nails

Hello to everyone!

So I'd just like to say this now: I LOVE doing nail art! It's so much fun, and a great way to relax. I, however, really dislike the idea of wearing fake nails or acrylic tips or anything, because I work pretty hard to get and keep my natural nails long. But thats only a personal preference :).
For November, I painted my nails in a sparkly gradient, going from blue (tips) to pink. I'm pretty proud of them, since I love gradients, and they're probably the most 3D I've ever had my nails.

What do you think? Are any of you guys interested in nail art? I love to theme my nails to the season or special events during the month. These nails remind me a lot of winter, even though its still fall (cold enough to be winter here, most of the time anyways). Do you guys ever do your nails elaborately? Tell me :D


  1. As a violinist I've kept my nails short pretty much forever. But I love looking at everyone else's designs and stuff, it's so pretty

  2. So pretty! (x
    The gradient looks more grey than blue, but I think grey actually suits winter more.

  3. @Carousellian - Thats a good reason for keeping nails short! And thank you :).
    @Caylee - Dawww, thanks! I'm seeing the grey too now! The blue was very sheer, so I guess it came out grey with three coats ;3;.

  4. I would love to do my nails over the top and I have the supplies to do them, but I'm trying out for lacrosse. I would chip my nails horribly while playing. I love your nails though! Super pretty!

  5. I know nothing about lacrosse (or any sport xD) But maye after lacrosse season is over (if there is a lacrosse season;;) you could do them? It's so much fun to! And thank you :D

  6. Thanks! If I don't make the team, I'll probably start to do my nails nicely again. But I want to make the team too! XD