Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outfit shot~

I didn't wear full out lolita to school today (even though I do sometimes), but I thought it would be a great chance to show off my more casual style!

I like to use my lolita items in my casual dress, and so pretty much everything that I wear is "interesting".

This was todays outfit for school :)

(sorry for slightly blurry photo and all the sparkles and stuff xD New brushes beg to be useddd~!)

Sweater - thrifted
Skirt- Bodyline
Socks - offbrand
Bag - Bodyline
Acessories - Mintymix, Alice Doll, and Bodyline.

Thank you for looking~!


  1. Very cute casual coordination :D I really love the pink x blue accessories <3

  2. Thank you! I wish I had more blue, because I love the combination :3

  3. I love your outfit! :3
    How do the people at your school respond to your Lolita look? I'm npt sure if the people at my school would like it on me...;~;

  4. Thank you!
    Since this is my second year at school dressing like this, most people are used to it, though I do get quite a few questions like "why are you wearing that?" and I get a few "wtf?!" kind of responses, But I think its worth it, if it's what makes you happy.
    Teachers and lunch ladies seem to love it too xD

  5. Haha, at my school, people also make you uncomfortable if you're as dressed down as just wearing a tokidoki shirt with jeans and a huge bow in your hair. Yet, my school is very open to emos, scene kids, and goths...XD

  6. That's so odd! It's the opposite of what you would expect. My school is used to me dressing up by now, but it's still a pretty close- minded school.