Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello!☆Sewing, Outfits, and Art!

Hey babes!

I hope all of you are doing well ;u;! Recently I had to take some time off from school due to illness, but I'm feeling much better now ;w;! I basically spent a whole week at home trying to find ways to entertain myself , thank goodness my hobbies are pretty low energy! I spent a lot of time drawing and sewing and watching entire seasons of TV shows (Project Runway anyone? ;v;? Liar Game?) but I've got some neat stuff to show for it!

The two things I made for myself last week were this bralett

And this skirt!

I made it to match this dotted bralett I made recently ;u;. I ended up going through my messy cabinet of fabrics and finding just enough black jersey for a skirt like this so I was excited to make it!

A lot of the stuff I've been drawing lately but I'll go ahead and share it now anyways ~

Background says "Spending All My Time" since I drew this while the song by Perfume was running through my head all day ~v~

Creamy Mami! I watercolored this, but I don't have it scanned yet so just have the linework! haha

The other night I couldn't fall asleep at all so I decided to try out digital art again! I'm such a traditional media kind of girl, so this was a nice somewhat frustrating distraction from not being able to sleep ahahaha!

Since I went back to school this week, I wanted to try and challenge myself to see if I could wear only clothes I've made for myself all week! It ended up being a 4 day week with Friday off, so there are only four outfits, but I totally could have pulled more together with other stuff ;w;. I'm pretty happy that I've made enough stuff for myself over the past few years that I'm able to easily put outfits together uwu





I actually just went and picked up some more fabric in order to start on a Saint Tail cosplay! I'm super excited about sewing and cosplaying lately, so I'll be sure to post lots of pictures when I'm done with that ;v;!

And as an extra, in all my boundless amounts of free time recently, I finally got around to finishing Neon Genesis Evangelion! I really liked it and oh my gosh is the theme song catchy or what? I did a song cover of the TV size version of it for fun!

☆Check It Out!☆

Thanks so much for stoppin' by!


  1. That bralet is too friggen cute! I am in love with your Creamy Mami lineart too!

    I totally agree--I'm a traditional media girl, and every time I sit down and try to use a tablet I just HATE the results... I've been trying to find the perfect blend of traditional/digital for me (because let's face it, it's so much easier to make things web-ready with a computer), and right now I think I found my niche with doing all the lines by hand and then sticking it in Corel Painter for all the beautiful textures. *A*


  2. Thank you so much!!

    This is the first thing I've done with my tablet in forever that I'm okay with! It's really difficult to figure out how you want your style to look digitally, since the possibilities are endless, whereas for me at least, traditional art just happens naturally in one way or another ahaha.

  3. eeeek this post is really inspiring! I really want to learn to make my own clothes. I know how to sew, but I need to just sit myself down patiently and get to it!

    I love the things you've made (that bralet is adorable). Polkadots seem to look good on everything :)

    1. Its hard to put aside time to sit down and experiment with clothes right? ;u; its so much fun to make something and be able to wear it though OwO! Thank you so much! I totally agree about the polkadots hahaha