Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't Worry ☆ Be Happy!

Hey babes! Last week was my spring break, and wow it was seriously wonderful! I went with my family down to Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast! I was really looking forward to hanging around by the beach for the whole week and being overall lazy and relaxed. It was basically heavenly! The condo that we stayed in was right on the beach and had a stellar view from the patio *w*

My and my mom went out to chillin' the beach every morning for an hour or two ;v;. The water was really really cold so we mostly didn't swim! I got in once though, just because I felt like it would have been a shame not to ;v;

our beach chairs together ;u;

The daily ritual u v u

This was the first day I had to get dressed ;u;. I should have taken a picture without the cardigan on though, oops! I biked 5 miles to this cute little town, Seaside, in order to meet up with a friend of mine who lives there ;u;! I also got some mango and strawberry gelato~

the strawberry is on the bottom but the colors were the same as my nails ehehe! Really yummy uwu

I also found these Jem and the Hologram cup koozies in the record store there!

I bought the logo one!

this whole outfit is made by me ;v;! I took another 5 mile bike ride with my little brother to meet with my childhood friend! We met with some of his friends and ended up going to see Spring Breakers that night. Totally not a movie I thought I would enjoy, but I ended up liking it! 

A view of Seaside from where we were hangin out ;v;

We went to Destin, FL for the day to go on a sunset boat ride! It was so much fun ;w; we saw a lot of dolphins too, which is always a really exciting thing *u*! It was super cold though! I dont know how everyone on the boat was comfortable in short sleeves and stuff, I ended up wrapping up in two jackets ahahaha.

I didn't take any pictures while i was on the boat though ;u; sorry!

Another bike ride! It was so ridiculously windy this day! my skirt kept flying all over the place! I was wearing shorts but imagine how distracting that bike ride was ahaha. We also went to see The Croods that night! what an adorable movie *v*

a  POV shot from the day uwu

I ended up wearing my bathingsuit and this american Apparel dress my sweet babe Jesse (Definitely check out his new blog!!) got for me ;u;! I went thrifting and then lunching wit my mom before spending the evening on the beach ;u;! The perfect last day of the trip.

I found this killer t-shirt in the childrens section! It fits me perfectly as a crop top I'm soo excited to wear it *v*!

My entire thrift haul! I'm so glad I found three old lady PJ blouses/bedcoats to play with ;u;

POV shot 

The sunset ;u; Totally gorgeous!

This was our last day! we went out to the beach in the morning and then packed into the car u v u. It's nice to be home but I seriously miss being by the ocean!

I drew in the sand a lil bit before we had to head out.

Yesterdays POV ;u;

I had such a wonderful spring break! for once I'm not dreading going back to school either. I feel refreshed and ready to take on anything! Going to the beach usually does that for me ;u;!

 Thanks for stoppin' by, babes! Hopefully I'll catch ya next week ☆


  1. Oh goodness, I wish we could have met up while you were in Florida! *A* I totally dig your style! =O I live right by the ocean too, it's so nice and relaxing to take my dog for walks along the bay, especially after a stressful day.

    1. Thanks! It would have been steller to meet! booo! I'll let you know next time that I go ;u;! It was soooo relaxing! we could hear the ocean from our room so going to sleep and waking up every day was amazingly serene!

  2. man, you make the cutest clothes.

    1. Aaa thank you so much!! I really love all the neat stuff you make too *v*

  3. Your outfits are amazing!! I especially love the sailor-ish one :)

    1. Thank you!! that was my favorite one t wear ;v; i just love being in all pink OvO

  4. I love your pictures. Your outfits are great and the beach looks amazing!

    1. Thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed uwu!

  5. Love your Outfits *_____*