Thursday, March 21, 2013

☆Momocon 2013☆

Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn't able to post for a few weeks ;u;! I was busy prepping for Momocon! An Atlanta anime convention in March ;w;. I've been attending since 2008, so there was no way I would miss it! I didn't make a post over con weekend since, you know, I was there enjoying myself and taking loooots of pictures for this blog post! After that I got pretty sick again, so I haven't been feeling up to making a blog post until now. I got a couple super ace pictures, though its mostly pictures of me on Saturday and Sunday ;u; Friday I hardly took any pictures at all since I didn't get dressed until after it was already dark out and stuff. Anyways lets start!

Saturday morning ~ We woke up and got dressed for a few hours and then adventured across two hotels to find the food court! We rewarded ourselves with the sweet taste of chick-fil-A. I roomed with my buddies Rayven, Kelli, and Alisha so we stuck together for most of the weekend! Coincidentally, Caylee had a room right next door to us! How insane is that? I still can't get over how lucky that was! We spent a lot of time together too ;w;!

Me and Rayven together that morning!

some outfit shots!

I really loved this outfit! It's actually pretty similar to what I wore on Friday except for the main pieces and accessories, but since I really liked Fridays outfit and got like no pictures I guess it's fine ahaha. Everything is secondhand,thrifted, or from friends, except the romper im wearing underneath everything  which is from H&M and my shoes which are from Double Decker ;v;. My buttons say "RELAX" "Grunge Baby" and " I ♥ SPANK!" by the way.

my thumbs up ahahahaha. Isn't Rayven really the absolute cutest *w*

After our food adventures and walking around for a while it was time for our momocon Pop!Georgia meetup ;w;! We basically just went to get food and then had a small "photoshoot" it was all very fun ;w;!

Alanna, Caylee, Kelli, Me, and Rayven ;w;

serving Pop!Georgia realness

Hehehehe Rayven left her camera in the room after that so I stole it for a little while to take some pictures uwu

I'm not a model

I’m a magical girl (◡‿◡☆)♥:・゚✧

i think this picture makes me look really yandere bwahahaha

That basically sums up Saturday! 

On Sunday, I cosplayed for the first time! It's a hobby I've always wanted to get into and I really had such a blast finally participating like this! I'm definitely going to be cosplaying regularly from now on, mostly as Magical Girls ;u;! My costume is all handmade by me ;u; it was a lot of fun to make progress on! 

I was Mew Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew with a group ;w;! We almost had a 100% full group but our Mew Lettuce wasn't able to make it on Sunday so we were juuuust short ;w;. I'm gonna start out with pictures of me and some of my wonderful friend Beth who cosplayed Mew Mint in our group ;w;

This picture was so hard to take! We both kept bursting into laughter ;v;

Together with our Mew Pudding ;w;! 

All these super awesome photos were taken by my friends Claire & Kat ;u;! 

our group also had a professional photoshoot, but most of those pictures will come back later! I'll totally share those when I get them but for now, this is the group photo we got ;w;

Taken by Bentpic5.

Overall it was a neat con! It really got me excited about cosplay and I'm so glad that I got to see and hang out with all the buddies that I saw ;w;! 

Look forward to more posts soon babes ~☆

Thanks for stoppin' by!