Sunday, February 24, 2013

Really long time no see!! I missed you all and I'm back for good ☆彡: 6 Months worth of updates!! Part 2

Okay so picking right up with Part Two of my suuuper long post of various updates! Very soon after the Pop! Georgia meetup, Jesse, Kane, Caylee and I met up at Mall of Georgia to do some more catching up! Unfortunately I lost most of my photos from this, but here are the ones I have~

I love taking pictures in elevator mirrors hehe!

In charming charlies! The only thing I have as an outfit shot from the day ahaha

How darling! Caylee and Jesse are such cutie pies~ Since it was around Christmas time how perfect is this picture ;v;!

Caylee grabbing some food near the end of the night! what a cutie ;w;

In January, my friend Rayven had a birthday party! It's always so nice to se eher because she lives so far and we almost never get to hang out! We all went to Little 5 Points in Atlanta do do some shopping all day~

I dressed a little bit darker than I usually do ;v;

Rayven the birthday girl~! 

the whole group! What a bunch of cuties ;v;

We mostly walked around and shopped until it got dark out ;u; Then we retired at Starbucks until we all dispersed. It was a really lovely time!

Next I'll go ahead and share my outfits from January and February! I have other outfits speckled from throughout however long I was gone, but they're so few and far in between ahaha! I don't remember the dates for most of these so I'll just post them in the order I think they're in ;v;

I felt like a magical grandma or something that day ahahaha

Around this point I fell a bit under the weather and had to miss some school. The week I finally go back, I was scheduled to go on two consecutive field trips! How neat is that? First I went with my  Oceanography class the the Georgia Aquarium, and then I went with my Art class to the High Museum of Atlanta ;v;! Both trips were so super inspiring and a really nice break from spending a bunch of time at home! 

Isn't he cute? I named him the Frog King *v*

Manta rays flying by



I coincidentally ran into my friend Eden while I was there! I haven't seen her for such a long time so this was a sweet little surprise ;u;

Another outfit type picture ahaha. It was so relaxing to be surrounded by water and all the sea life! 

So the next day was the High Museum! The exhibit we saw was Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, but since you're not allowed to take pictures of the main exhibits, I'll only share a little bit of the architecture of the place and something I snuck a picture of hehe

After the museum, we got to walk over to a cafeteria to get lunch ;v;. My friends and I went to a Japanese restaurant called Shout! that has a $10 all you can eat sushi lunch special! Score!!

It was soooo yummy! I wish I could eat sushi instead of lunch at school every day *w*

As we all waked back to the school buses, we ended up running into Baton Bob! It was a super perfect ending to our trip ;u; 

as an extra, here's a picture I took the morning before we went to the museum~

I also have been doing a good bit of sewing recently! Mostly, It's because Momocon is coming up very soon  in early march and I've joined a Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay group! I've always wanted to try cosplaying out and I think I'm going to try my best to be a great Magical Girl cosplayer in the future ;u; I've also become mildly obsessed with catching up on all the seasons of Project Runway that I've missed which totally made me want to use up some materials I've had and get to sewing!

so I made this bralett! I really wish it was warmer outside so I could wear it ~v~

and these separates! They're so cute put together though ;w;

Since I was at home for a little while I ended up missing Valentines Day at school! I was so sad about it, I absolutely love going to school and seeing everyone wearing pink and handing out candies and chocolates and balloons and stuff ;u; It's a really sweet atmosphere! Last year I had such a super fun Valentine's Day so I was super sad to miss it. I ended up making chocolates again to hand out to everyone the next school day anyways though ;u;

So that's basically all that's been going on with me throughout all those long long months of absence ahaha! I really want to keep up with blogging now, and I'll be posting weekly or maybe a little more often than that from now on, so look forward to it ☆!!

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone! I love you guys ;u; See ya really soon~


  1. your so amazing your outfits are so perfect if i wore something like that i would look horrible can't wait for more post and plz plz plz sow some of your sewing!

    1. Aw thank you sweetie!! ;v; ill totes post again really soon~!


    Your outfits are always so perfect. ;3;
    I especially loved your cult party kei outfit (from the last post), and that darker outfit you wore. xD

    Gosh, this totally inspires me! *-* ♥

    Anyway, welcome back! I always really enjoy reading your blog posts. ^ ^;

  3. Thank you!! Those are my favorite looks too OvO since they werent for school I got to spend more time on them! Im so happy to have Inspired you! What a cool acheivement hahaha <3! Thanks so much for reading and enjoying my blog ;v;!