Sunday, February 24, 2013

Really long time no see!! I missed you all and I'm back for good ☆彡: 6 Months worth of updates!! Part 1

Hello sweeties! I can't even believe I've fallen out of blogging for SO long! I suppose life got in the way, with conventions and friends and family and holidays and most of all school! Senior year is no joke, guys! All the college planning and just figuring things out seriously takes its toll on you. I've also run into a few health issues lately and haven't been around the internet half as much as I used to be. I let blogging slip down on my priority list, but I miss it so much and I miss all of you so I'm going to officially fix that right now! I have a lot of great things to show you all from as far back as my Birthday on September 8th, so lets get this photo party started ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ!

So waaaaay back in September I turned 17! I had an ultra fun birthday party that included eating at a yummy Indian buffet with my family, spending time reading in a book store, and then heaving a rockin' night of karaoke with friends! Since it was such a while ago and I was focusing more on having fun I don't have too many pics, but I'll share the two things that I do have!

My birthday outfit and everything! I posted the outfit shot earlier and I did (gasp!!) repeat the outfit for Friday of AWA so you'll see it in full further down ~!

A few days later I got this super cute package from my bff Jesse! He surprised me so much I had no idea he had sent me anything! what a sweetheart ;w;!

I think the next big event was Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of September. I really think that was the most fun I've had at a con to date! I spent so much time with so many of my friends and the feeling was really magical! I felt infected with the sweet bonds of friendship and happiness and I still think back on it with so much fondness! So here are my outfits and some antics from then~


The outfit I wore! Also what I wore on my birthday ahaha! I usually try not to repeat outfits like this but I forgot to take pictures on my birthday and I really wanted some! hahaha

Later on my friend Raven bought these shoes, and I tried em on! how cute ;w;


My outfit on Saturday! by far the most eventful day! I had so much fun hanging out really early in the morning  by myself and then running around to hang out with babesquad ( A nickname for a group of my friends ;w;) and a few other close buddies! 

Babesquad all walkin' over to the mall ~

Me and Jesse! <3!

Me and Kane! <3

Me and Raven! <3!

And then my absolute favorite picture from the whole weekend! props to Kane for taking it ;v;! there are a lot more of these neat-o air vent pictures over here ~


Sunday was slow and uneventful for the most part, but I still had a wonderful time just hanging out! I started out the day looking like this

But then decided I wanted to be super comfy and changed into this ;v;!

As a bonus, here's a picture of my suitcase from AWA ☆

I made a couple of posts in October and posted my outfits up until November so I'm just going to pick up with another really amazingly magical event that happened in November! I went... to Disneyworld!! Wow! We went for my little brothers birthday during Thanksgiving break since my family travels to Florida for Thanksgiving each year ;u;. I had so much fun! I ended up being able to meet with Jesse while I was there! How cool is that? Unfortunately my phones battery was no good the entire time So I only have a few photos to share~

We went to a cute gift shop before entering the parks, so I took this picture there~ 

We ended up getting tickets that only allowed one of us to enter Magic Kingdom too, but I got to use that ticket! I spent most of the disney day in Epcot and MGM Studios (I missed Animal Kingdom ;A;) but later on I headed over to Magic Kingdom to meet up with Jesse and his cousin Zach ;u;.

I got there just in time to catch the end of a performance by the Castle! Look! Mickey and Mini mouse! I was so happy to see them, but my entire focus was on the princesses *v*

Later at night I met with Jesse and Zach and we had tons of fun going on as many rides as we could until the park closed ~ v ~ 

hehe Jess's shirt got wet from one of the rides we went on ;v;

I think later on in November or early December I received a package from Candy at Starlight Deco Dream

What a total sweetheart to send so much amazing stuff to me *A*!!! Thank you again sweetie pie ;u;~ !

Next up, a new J-street Fashion community based in Georgia has surfaced!! It's called  Pop!Georgia and it is basically just to have a place to meet up decked out in J-street fashion of all kinds and do fun things together! Jesse, Sasha and I all moderate the community! The first meetup was in mid December and it was SO perfect!

I dressed up a little cult-party kei style for this!

We met up at a bakery first! I got this delicious strawberry filled bread there ;u; After the bakery, we all went to the mall! on the way there a few of us made a pitstop and took outfit photos before the sun went down~

Me and Kane~

Ayu and me~

We all took pictures together in the Forever21 mirrors ;w;
Jesse, me and Ayu

Me and Caylee ~

Jesse, Sahsa and me~

Jesse took this really neat candid shot while we were walking around ;v; how sweet 

We went to grab dinner at a nice little sushi place nearby! My oh so delicious eel roll OvO

and here's the whole group!! Sasha, Ayu. Jesse, Caylee and me! We all had such a great time!

It turns out that blogspot couldn't handle the amount of content I originally had in this post!! haha There's a LOT more coming up, so I'll compile that post very shortly! Thanks for stoppin' by cuties! 


  1. Wow, looks like the past few months have been super action-packed for you!
    The very first picture is so gorgeous omg *__* And your outfit for the Pop!Georgia meet is incredible.

    Basically I just squee'd at the entire post!^__^

    1. Yeah!! I've been doing so much stuff and somehow just not posting about any of it until now ahaha! Thank you so much you're such a sweetie pie!! I'm glad you enjoyed it ;u;!!!

  2. Your and Ayu's outfit was lovely!<3<3<3<3

  3. You and your friends are so cute ;3;

    1. Aaaa thank you!! I always think so about you too ;w;!

  4. Oh my goodness, these outfits are just too cute!! *A* I must follow you to see more of your awesome outfits. *A* The one you wore recently with the shibari scarf was seriously awesome!! I'm inspired to try it out someday.

    1. Wow thank you so much!! ;u;! im gonn ahave a blog post up this week with all my pictures from that outfit and everything u w u!! I hope you do try it! ;w;!