Wednesday, March 7, 2012

☆Millions of Bows Shop Grand Opening☆

Hey everyone! Guess what I finally got around to opening up? It's not too hard of a guess considering it's in the title, but my shop is finally up and running! Please go ahead and check it out!

I'm really excited to finally have this up, and though there's not a ton in stock as of right now, I'm working on photographing and developing more in order to keep some items consistent ☆!

More importantly, since this is the Grand Opening of my shop, I'll throw in a free gift with every order until the end of March!

In other news, I've recently set up a Facebook page for this blog! I'll be giving shop discounts to those who like the page in the future, so please do take a moment to visit~!

Thank you so so much for looking!


  1. This is the first comment, haha ~~ Good luck with your shop!

  2. Some very cute stuff here! Can't wait to see more! :3 Oh and I liked your FB page xD

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. I'll post here when I update it with lots more things ;v;! Thanks u v u <3

  3. Let me go check out your stuff right now! ^^

  4. Nice! I will go check it out!