Saturday, March 10, 2012

☆Milky Planet☆ Photoshoot!

Hey everyone~! This is a pretty busy weekend for me, so sorry I didn't have my post up earlier today! I'm gonna share some pictures from the little "photoshoot" I had for the GLW contest! Voting is still going on btw, and though I don't think I can make the top 4, I'd really appreciate a vote ;u;.

I put "potoshoot" in quotes because it was really just my friends helping me out with this, and having a lot of fun! We listened to a playlist of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu while we took photos, so a lot of the shoot was spent dancing and  generally being silly! ;v;

I used this one for my contest full body photo!

The outfit rundown is~
JSK - Dream of Lolita
Tights (mint and pink split) - We Love Colors (two pairs)
Black Dot Tights - H&M
Shoes - Secret Shop
Accessories - Handmade, offbrand

And I used this one as the close up~

I did a lot of dancing along to Kyary's songs while we were taking pictures ehehe
Can you guess which song I'm dancing to~?

This is my absolute favorite picture! Maybe you can tell since its my icon...everywhere! hahaha

I don't quite remember why this happened, but I really love this picture!

Laffi Magic BEAM ☆ ☆ ☆!

More Kyarying!! 

And a silly picture to end ;u;~

Haha it was a lot of fun! This isn't even half of all the pictures we took, but these are some of my favorites ;v;
If you haven't yet, I'd really really really appreciate ☆a vote☆too! 

Thanks for looking~☆!


  1. You are so cute ;)

  2. I voted for you already, so best of luck to you! ^^

    You're so cute and it's great that you have friends to do this type of stuff with. My friends and I always make plans, but then they drop out on me or get sick. D:

    1. Thanks a ton for voting!

      Thanks! I'm really glad for my friends ;u;. They're wonderful! I guess you can't help getting sick, but being flaked out on is too bad ;^;!!

  3. aww i think i already vited for you, if not ill check out the fb page~ > u <
    but you looked like you had alot of fun yayyyyyyy hehe~^ u ^

  4. Your outfit is so cute and colorful!

  5. SOOOOO CUTE!! So pastel and dreamy!

  6. I'm so sad I didn't get to see you at Momo ;A;

    1. Me too!! It's been way too long DD:!!! I miss you

    2. I miss you too :(
      Sounded like you had fun though!