Tuesday, March 20, 2012

☆Momocon 2012~!

Heya everyone! haha sorry about that 10 day absence again, but Momocon, a convention in Atlanta I'v been attending since 2008, really snuck up on me this year! I'd mostly been preparing for that, along with studying for midterms and taking care of a few other things, so thats why I was gone for so long. I did have a pretty fun weekend at momocon this year, though, so I was going to share some of it with you~!

I went friday, saturday, and sunday this year, so here are my outfuts!

friday 3-16-12
Shirt, tights, Socks, - offbrand
Jacket, shoes - thrifted
Skirt, bow, button - handmade

saturday 3-17-12. I could not take an in focus picture for the life of me! sorry ;A;!
Jsk - Dream of Lolita
Tights, socks - offbrand
Shoes, apron - thrifted
Cardigan - secondhand
Accessories - offbrand, handmade

sunday 3-18-12
Everything handmade, offbrand, or thrifted!

I did my nails for it too~

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures friday or saturday, because there wasn't much on Friday and on Saturday my camera decided to totally spazz out and reject the batteries I had to use! It would only turn on sometimes, and go back and fourth between full battery and dead so I only have a few photos from when It was luckily working!

Got this super cute closet cosplay of Chibi Usa and Usagi from Sailor Moon! ;v;!

On saturday, we had a lolita meetup where we all met and took picctures before going to the food court and grabbing a bite to eat ;v;! I love taking candid pictures like this, but it seeme like one or two lolis were ready for this one hahaha

Thats actually all that my camera would let me get on Saturday ;^;!! I took lots more on sunday though~

We helped move lugage from jesses hotel room to a friends car to hold, and took a shoe shot while we were all down at the parking lot, though my skirts too poofy to really see my shoes!

Jesse and I together on the way to the food court! 

I saw a Ranma! I love Ranma 1/2 a lot so I was excited to see a pretty good one ;u;!

A super awesome Peter Pan group showed as well~! 

Near the end of the con on Sunday, we decided to go up to the 47th floor, which was pretty scary in the glass elevator! I took a picture from the top ;v;~

While we waited to get picked up, we sat around on the 10th floor and I took this neat POV picture~

It was a pretty fun weekend! I wish my camera hadn't spazzed out quite so much on satuday though ;A;! 

Thanks for looking~☆


  1. Ooh, I like the lolita candid photo and the POV one. Love all the pastels! The Sailor Moon cosplayers did such a great job! ^^

  2. I loved your outfit from saturday and sunday :D so cute :D